Recall the memorable moments of 2023 attending Taylor Swift concerts and celebrating friendships. Let’s carry forward this positivity into 2024 by declaring it “The Year of Friendship” and committing to resolutions that will help us become better friends.

To make the aspiration of “being a better friend” more attainable, here are nine specific resolutions aimed at improving friendships while also enhancing personal happiness and fostering strong, supportive relationships with friends.

These resolutions are practical and can complement any existing New Year’s goals. Even if traditional resolutions aren’t your preference, focusing on these intentions can significantly enhance the quality of your friendships. Join me in embracing “The Year of Friendship” by adopting one or more of the following resolutions.

1. Embrace Spontaneity

Be open to impromptu adventures and spontaneous hangouts with friends. Embracing flexibility and being willing to say “yes” to last-minute plans can create lasting memories and deepen your friendship.

2. Learn to Decline Gracefully

Setting boundaries and knowing when to politely decline commitments that do not align with your priorities is essential. This preserves your time and energy for more meaningful engagements.

3. Practice Patience with Text Responses

Recognize that delayed responses to texts do not diminish the value of a friendship. Avoid making assumptions when friends do not reply promptly, as life’s distractions are normal.

4. Prioritize Regular Communication

Allocate time to catch up with a friend at least once a week to stay connected and engaged in each other’s lives. Consistent communication demonstrates a commitment to nurturing the friendship.

5. Expand Your Social Circle

Take the initiative to connect with your friend’s other acquaintances. Establishing relationships with their friends not only shows interest but also expands your social network.

6. Ask Meaningful Questions

Cultivate deeper connections by asking insightful questions about your friends’ passions, fears, and dreams. Genuine curiosity leads to more profound conversations and stronger friendships.

7. Master the Art of Apologizing

Recognizing mistakes, offering sincere apologies, and giving your friend space to process and forgive are crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. Taking accountability strengthens the bond.

8. Express Gratitude

Show gratitude to your friends by acknowledging their presence in your life. Small gestures of appreciation can strengthen bonds and promote positivity within the friendship.

9. Celebrate Your Friends’ Achievements

Share your friends’ successes and admirable qualities with others to uplift and highlight their positive attributes. Publicly acknowledging and praising your friends demonstrates support and creates a culture of positivity.


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