Even though I’ve had my fair share of first dates that didn’t progress to second ones and encountered awkward moments, none of them were truly terrible. With my reliable first date routine, I’ve been able to navigate through various types of first date experiences without feeling like it was a complete disaster.

If you’re feeling stuck in a dating rut, tired of first dates, or anxious about getting back out there, establishing a solid first-date routine can significantly impact your perspective. Discover the first date routine that has helped me navigate through various types of first dates, from good ones to not-so-good ones, and even the swoon-worthy ones.

Spend Time with a Friend Before Your Date

One crucial lesson I’ve learned is to never make the first date your only social interaction for the day. To ensure a positive overall social experience, I always make plans to meet a friend earlier in the day before heading out on a date.

Meeting a friend before your date allows you to share your excitement and concerns with a supportive individual, take your mind off the upcoming date, and potentially gather some conversation topics from your friend’s life to help ease into chatting with your date later. If meeting in person isn’t feasible, a quick FaceTime session can also help.

Don’t Skip a Pre-Date Meal

Contrary to trying to appear dainty or attractive, I always eat before a date to avoid getting hangry. Showing up ravenous can prevent you from enjoying the company of your date. It’s important to set yourself and your date up for a pleasant experience by ensuring you’re not hungry upon arrival.

Boost Your Confidence with a Pre-Date Playlist

Creating a playlist that boosts your confidence is key before a first date. Pick songs that make you feel amazing and confident, regardless of their genre. Listening to music that empowers you while getting ready can help elevate your mood and self-assurance.

Opt for a Consistent Outfit Choice

Having a go-to outfit or “uniform” for first dates can make a significant difference in how you feel. Choose attire that aligns with your personal style and makes you feel comfortable and confident. Prioritize feeling like your authentic self over trying to impress others with your outfit choice.

Embrace Positive Affirmations for Your First Date

Using positive affirmations can be transformative for your dating experience. Remind yourself that it’s not only about being liked by your date but also about evaluating if you genuinely like them. This mindset shift can help you stay confident and in control throughout the dating process.


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