Friendships evolve as time passes, and creating meaningful relationships with new individuals can be tough, especially in adulthood. Research shows that forming friendships is a gradual process, taking about 50 hours for casual friendships, 90 hours for close friendships, and 200 hours for intimate friendships. Adults often have limited free time compared to younger individuals, which can make investing time in new relationships challenging at any stage of adulthood.

Despite time constraints, most adults are willing to forge new friendships. Personally, I’ve nurtured some of my closest bonds during adulthood, showing that this phase of life provides an opportunity to establish new connections based on mutual values, interests, and lifestyles. However, successful friendships require dedication, time, the right attitude, and knowing where to begin.

Here are some practical strategies for making new friends as an adult:

1. Reconnect with old friends

Consider reaching out to old friends you’ve lost touch with to reignite existing connections. Sometimes, the foundation for a strong friendship is already in place, and rekindling it can lead to fulfilling relationships.

2. Build relationships with colleagues

Your workplace can serve as a platform for cultivating new friendships. Start by engaging with your coworkers beyond work-related interactions to develop deeper bonds.

3. Expand your social circle through mutual connections

Utilize your extended social circle by connecting with friends of friends, especially if you’re new to a city. Leverage existing relationships to meet new people and broaden your social network.

4. Participate in local groups and communities

Join community groups or clubs that match your interests to interact with like-minded individuals. Whether it’s a book club or a travel group, shared activities can facilitate new friendships.

5. Volunteer for a cause

Volunteering allows you to contribute to the community and connect with individuals who share your passion for a specific cause. It’s an excellent way to meet new people and potentially develop lasting friendships.

6. Connect at fitness classes

Fitness classes offer a social setting for meeting new individuals. Engage in conversations with fellow participants and bond over shared workout experiences.

7. Use friendship apps and attend meetups

Explore friendship-focused apps like Bumble for Friends or join local meetups to interact with individuals looking to establish new friendships in your area.

8. Join a sports league

Participating in a sports league introduces you to a diverse group of individuals with a common interest. Sports provide a platform for bonding and forming new social connections.

9. Network via social media

Harness social media platforms to engage with people in your community and organize gatherings. Social media can be a valuable tool for expanding your social circle and making new friends.


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