How to create your own audio on TikTok.
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Have you ever noticed the little disc on the bottom right of a TikTok video?

This feature shows users which sound is being used in the video. Users can incorporate audio from other TikTok videos into their own, making this section informative.


Why is TikTok obsessed with ‘Linger’ by The Cranberries?

TikTok sounds can trend and become viral similar to challenges, effects, and filters. Creating original sound clips and DIY audio could be the way to go as music from major labels is being removed from the platform. Avoid uploading copyrighted music as original sound to prevent it from being taken down.

While TikTok offers a variety of sounds to choose from, you also have the option to create your own. Here’s how.

Total Time

  • 5 min
What You Need

  • Smartphone
  • TikTok app

Step 1:
Tap the create button at the bottom of the screen to start a new video.

Step 2:
Record a video with your desired sound (the video’s audio will become your custom sound.)

You can record a cover of a song, play an instrument, talk, or create unique voices as you wish.

Step 3:
Edit your audio using the options on the next screen.

Apply voice effects, add voiceovers, or adjust the clip’s speed.

Step 4:
Tap the check mark and share your finished video.

Step 5:
View your video on your profile to hear the original sound.

The video will play with your custom sound.

Step 6:
To reuse your custom sound in another video, tap the disc on the bottom right.

Step 7:
Select “Use this sound” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 8:
Create a video using your custom TikTok audio!

The audio’s title will be shown at the top of the screen.

You’re all set! Enjoy making and using original audio. Who knows? Your creation might just become the next viral TikTok sound.


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