Spring often brings a desire to freshen up our surroundings, especially at home. The sunny weather and warmer temperatures inspire us to open windows and give our living spaces a revitalizing touch. If you’ve neglected household chores in anticipation of spring cleaning season, your to-do list may seem daunting. Learning from individuals with impeccably clean homes can offer valuable insights. To help you maintain a tidy home, here are some straightforward habits to adopt from women who consistently keep their houses clean.

1. They make the bed every morning

Making your bed is a quick task that sets a positive tone for the day. A tidy bed can instantly elevate the appearance of your bedroom, encouraging you to address other areas like laundry piles or scattered shoes.

2. They put dishes away immediately

Addressing dishes promptly can prevent a cluttered sink or scattered plates. Whether loading the dishwasher after meals or handwashing dishes, this simple habit avoids a major dishwashing session later in the day.

3. They clean while they cook

Managing messes as you prepare meals keeps the kitchen organized and reduces post-cooking cleanup. Wiping spills, picking up dropped items, and washing dishes during cooking can maintain a tidy cooking space.

4. They keep the refrigerator tidy

Regularly checking and organizing the refrigerator helps prevent the unpleasant surprise of expired food. Clearing out expired items, wiping surfaces, and organizing contents can simplify meal prep.

5. They regularly do laundry

Breaking down laundry into smaller loads during the week can prevent overwhelming piles. Folding and putting away smaller loads is more manageable and can be accompanied by listening to a podcast or watching a show.

6. They stay on top of trash

Consistently managing trash disposal helps maintain a fresh environment, particularly in the kitchen. Regularly emptying the trash and keeping the trash can clean can prevent odors and maintain cleanliness.

7. They know where everything goes

Reducing clutter involves assigning every item a designated place. Organizing items like keys, mail, and shoes can minimize chaos if everything is returned to its designated spot.

8. They wipe down surfaces

Regularly wiping down kitchen and bathroom surfaces maintains cleanliness. Quick wipes after tasks like cooking or brushing your teeth can contribute to a clean environment, enhancing the overall appearance of your home.

9. They tidy up before bed

Preparing your home before bedtime can lead to a pleasant morning. Tidying up, running the dishwasher, and organizing before bed sets the stage for a smooth start to the next day.

10. They keep a cleaning schedule

Maintaining a clean house requires an organized approach. Those with consistently clean homes often follow a cleaning schedule, dividing tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly routines. By planning cleaning activities regularly, you can effectively manage household chores and maintain cleanliness.


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