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AI at Work

We examine how AI is changing the future of work — and how, in many ways, that future is already here.

The perception of AI in the workplace is evolving. Once viewed primarily as a potential threat to jobs, it’s increasingly being recognized as a tool that can enhance your work life. As AI becomes more widely used in the workplace, people are finding novel ways to use it to their advantage.

Workers’ use of AI goes beyond simply automating routine tasks. Now, it’s about exploring how the technology can complement your skills and enhance certain aspects of your professional life. From improving communication to sparking creativity and tackling unique workplace challenges, here are four ways AI can make your work more manageable.

Reworking your emails and messages so they land well

We’ve all been there — needing to write a work email or send a message when annoyed or stressed. When it comes to tricky communication, AI can help smooth things out.

A new brainstorming buddy

One of the best things about brainstorming as a team is having different perspectives to draw from. AI can help generate ideas and fill in gaps you may not have been aware of.

Streamlining image editing

The need for quick and efficient image editing arises more often at work than you might expect — like when putting together a presentation on a tight deadline. AI can help with the smaller tasks that designers consider busy work so everyone can focus on what’s important.

Streamlining meeting notes and documentation

If you like to think out loud or visualize things better when reading the transcript of a meeting, AI can help you get everything down so you can focus on the next steps.

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