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Substack, a popular newsletter platform with millions of users, is facing scrutiny in 2024 due to concerns about content moderation. Users are now debating whether to continue using the platform or switch to other alternatives.

An article in The Atlantic described Substack as a “ticking time bomb” because of its content moderation issues, leading to criticism from various blogs and writers who have chosen to depart from the platform.

Over the past year, Substack has been involved in conflicts, including a brief clash with X/Twitter owned by Elon Musk, prompting users to reconsider their involvement with the platform.

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Users Advocate for Better Content Moderation

In November 2023, an investigation by The Atlantic uncovered networks of white nationalists hosting extremist content on Substack, despite the platform’s policies against hate speech. These blogs were generating revenue for both the creators and Substack.

Following this revelation, hundreds of writers demanded clarity from Substack. Another group defended subscriber freedom and opposed stricter content moderation.

Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie addressed concerns regarding “fringe accounts” in a blog post, affirming the platform’s opposition to extreme views while highlighting the complexities of censorship. A few offending blogs were eventually removed by Substack in January.

Exploring Alternatives

Despite its widespread use, disillusioned users are now looking into other platforms like Ghost and Beehiiv, as highlighted by the Atlantic.

The decision now rests in the hands of the users.


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