We are all aware of the importance of good posture. Growing up, many of us had a parent who constantly reminded us to stand up straight. While we know that good posture is crucial for proper muscle function, joint alignment, and bone health, did you know that your posture can also significantly impact your sex life?

After giving birth in 2021, I began following various pelvic floor therapists on Instagram. This led me to connect the dots between posture and vaginal flexibility. I became more conscious of my tendency to slump my shoulders while at my computer or arch my back when carrying my toddler. One resource that has been beneficial is Jesse Truelove, a trainer specializing in women’s corrective exercise and pelvic floor work. Her posts on posture have served as a reminder for me to be more mindful of my movements, whether I’m seated at my desk or lifting my child.

Curious about how posture affects sexual pleasure, I reached out to Truelove for insights on this connection. To my surprise, she highlighted that it’s an often overlooked issue. Truelove explained, “Many people aren’t aware of how tension in the pelvis can impact sexual pleasure and orgasms.” Read on to discover how posture influences sex and Truelove’s top tips for enhancing your sex life, applicable to individuals with a uterus regardless of whether they have had or plan to have a child.

Meet the expert
Jesse Truelove, CPT, WFS
Core & Pelvic Health Specialist
Jesse Truelove is a pre/postnatal trainer and creator of the MomCORE app, which helps women recover from common dysfunctions post-pregnancy. She is certified in pelvic floor corrective exercise and kinesiology, and has coached thousands of women to heal their pelvic floor.
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4 FYI–You Don’t Need Perfect Posture To Have Great Sex

How Posture Affects Sex

According to Truelove, prolonged periods of sitting with a tucked pelvis or regularly tensing your buttocks while standing or walking can lead to shortening of the glute and pelvic floor muscles. Truelove elaborated, “This can reduce blood flow over time, which is essential for clitoral erection.” In simpler terms, neglecting your pelvic floor muscles and posture can impact clitoral stimulation. Additionally, Truelove emphasized, “To facilitate penetration and achieve orgasm, we must be able to both contract and lengthen our pelvic floor muscles.” Essentially, poor posture can restrict the muscles in your pelvic area, making it challenging to elongate them, resulting in discomfort during intercourse or difficulty reaching orgasm.

Signs That Your Posture Might Be Affecting Your Sex Life

Your body’s default is to slouch

If you find yourself naturally assuming a position where your shoulders round, head extends outward, and pelvis tucks under, it could be a warning sign of potential muscle imbalances, chronic pain, and unsatisfactory intercourse, as pointed out by Truelove. For instance, I frequently round my shoulders and find that position oddly comforting, while straightening up causes fatigue in my back. Truelove explains that this preference for slouching can be attributed to our body’s inclination to conserve energy, sometimes at the expense of long-term comfort.

You’re chronically stressed

Aside from prolonged sitting, a tucked tailbone, poor posture, and pelvic floor dysfunction may also result from chronic stress. Truelove highlights, “Similar to how a dog tucks its tail in response to stress, we too tend to tuck under, clench, and protect ourselves.” It’s fascinating to realize the subconscious nature of our body language, illustrating how our bodies communicate with us. Chronic stress leads to bodily tension and constriction, showcasing the interconnectedness of our bodily responses. Truelove adds, “The body operates as a whole unit; even jaw tension can manifest as pelvic floor tension.”

It’s hard to find a comfortable standing position

An unexpected sign that your posture may be affecting your sex life is finding it challenging to stand comfortably. Truelove notes, “If you struggle to maintain upright positions and constantly seek relief by sitting down, posture and breathing adjustments can significantly alleviate pelvic tightness caused by prolonged sitting and stress.” If any of these indicators resonate with you, acknowledging and altering your posture habits, along with adjusting your breathing patterns, can greatly enhance your sexual satisfaction.

Expert Tips To Improve Posture and Support Your Pelvic Floor

1. Breathe into your pelvis

Truelove suggests visualizing inflating a balloon in your pelvic bowl when you inhale. This technique activates and stretches the deep core muscles supporting your pelvic muscles. Truelove explains, “Many people tend to elevate their shoulders during inhalation, which impedes effective breathing. Focusing on deep breathing into your pelvic area for short durations can gradually enhance your breathing patterns.”

2. Release your glutes

We often unknowingly tighten muscles, such as clenching our jaws, due to ingrained habits. Taking periodic moments to assess muscle tension—while performing routine tasks like brushing your teeth or waiting in line—can make a significant difference. Truelove warns, “Tightness and clenching in the glute muscles restrict blood flow to the pelvic floor, compromising sexual pleasure and orgasms.” While breaking this habit may be challenging, awareness and deliberate release of tense glute muscles are key.

3. Go barefoot when you can

Surprisingly, your choice of footwear can impact your posture. Truelove explains, “Our feet serve as the foundation for our bodies, and footwear choices can influence pelvic health. Wearing shoes that constrict the toes or alter natural foot shape sends tension signals to the pelvic floor.” To validate this, attempt scrunching your toes together tightly; you may sense tension in your pelvic floor or a sensation akin to withholding gas. Truelove recommends incorporating barefoot periods and opting for shoes that allow natural foot movement. While it’s unnecessary to part with stylish footwear permanently, aiming for balance is essential. Prolonged restriction of toe splay can lead to issues.

FYI–You Don’t Need Perfect Posture To Have Great Sex

Truelove emphasizes managing expectations regarding posture, stating, “Perfection in posture is unattainable. Each individual is unique, and varying lifestyles require different postures to support diverse movements.” She explains that focusing on alignment is crucial for optimal breathing, pelvic floor function, and overall well-being. Challenges arise when individuals become entrenched in a single posture, hindering mobility and causing discomfort or compensation. To improve posture, Truelove suggests shaking up habitual movements and being mindful of alignment. For instance, instead of leading with the pelvis and leaning back while walking, try aligning the pelvic bone under the ribcage and stacking the head over the shoulders. Although initially unnatural, with practice and awareness, these adjustments will feel more natural, as old habits can be unlearned over time. While short-term discomfort may arise, long-term benefits include enhanced physical well-being. For personalized assistance, consider setting goals with a partner or exploring programs like Truelove’s MomCORE app, offering a free trial, personalized coaching, and a supportive community of individuals striving for similar goals.


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