As you set goals for your career, finances, and well-being, don’t forget about your love life. The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to envision the next year of your relationship with your partner.

Whether you choose to discuss resolutions together or set individual goals to be more mindful partners, here are 15 ideas to help you kickstart a new year of #relationshipgoals.

These resolutions are grouped based on the duration of your relationship but can be beneficial at any stage.

In this article
1 If you only recently started dating…
2 If you’ve been together for a while…
3 If you live together…
4 If you’re engaged…
5 If you’re married…

If you only recently started dating…

Make your partner laugh more

Show your fun side more often to keep the spark alive in the relationship. Laughter can help forge a stronger bond and make your time together more enjoyable.

Build common goals to achieve together

Create shared goals, whether they be financial or wellness-related, to work as a team and support each other in reaching them.

Try something new

Experimenting with new experiences together can cultivate a dynamic and exciting relationship. Equally important is pursuing individual interests to maintain a sense of self outside the relationship.

If you’ve been together for a while…

Be more physically affectionate (in unexpected ways)

Inject spontaneity into your physical intimacy to reignite the passion and deepen emotional connections.

Change your argument language

Focus on expressing your feelings rather than blaming your partner during disagreements to foster healthier communication and understanding.

Show love with your partner’s love language

Understand and cater to your partner’s love language to enhance the happiness and fulfillment in your relationship.

relationship resolutions

If you live together…

Have tech-free time together

Set aside distractions like phones to truly connect and engage with your partner during quality time spent together.

Make sex a priority

Prioritize intimacy in your relationship by scheduling meaningful and intimate moments, ensuring it remains a crucial aspect of your bond.

Plan a trip

Consider planning a trip to break from routine and strengthen your connection through shared experiences outside your daily lives.

If you’re engaged…

Acknowledge the things you appreciate about each other

Express gratitude and affection towards your partner to maintain a positive outlook on your relationship and keep negativity at bay.

Talk about the future

Discuss your future together to align your goals and aspirations, fostering excitement for what’s ahead.

Plan more dates

Spend quality time together by scheduling regular dates, regardless of how busy life gets, to show your relationship is a priority.

relationship resolutions

If you’re married…

Consider therapy

Seek professional guidance through therapy to improve communication and address any underlying issues, building a deeper and more fulfilling relationship.

Say “I love you” more

Express your love regularly and wholeheartedly to strengthen the emotional bond and create a more loving environment.

Forgive and forget

Practice genuine forgiveness by letting go of past grievances and focus on resolving conflicts constructively to strengthen your relationship.


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