For those who don’t love the heat, here are some ideas to beat the summer heat without feeling miserable. Whether you’re on a budget, prefer staying at home, or seek unique experiences, these 12 activities for hot summer days in July and August will help you stay cool.

1. Host a Game Night

Gather friends for a game night with cards and board games. Enjoy summer evenings with good company, delicious snacks, and refreshing drinks, all without breaking a sweat.

2. Meditate

Discover the benefits of meditation for happiness, productivity, and inner peace. Use online tools like guided meditations on YouTube or wellness apps to start your meditation practice.

3. Explore Your Local Library

Escape the heat by browsing books, DVDs, and using free WiFi at the library. Make a goal to find interesting reads to enjoy during your free time.

4. Try a New Ice Cream Parlor

Cool off with a visit to a new ice cream parlor and treat yourself to a delicious frozen dessert. Step out of your comfort zone and try popular flavors for an extra twist.

5. Splash Around

Enjoy water activities like visiting a water park, swimming at the pool, or having a water balloon fight. Pack SPF, snacks, and head to the beach early in the morning to avoid the scorching heat.

6. Watch a Movie at the Theater

Escape the heat by watching a movie in the chilly environment of a theater. Indulge in popcorn, candy, and soda for a nostalgic movie experience.

7. Paint and Sip Party

Unleash your creativity with a paint-and-sip party either at home or a local workshop. Stay cool indoors while painting and relaxing with friends.

8. Have an At-Home Spa Night

Relax after a hot summer day with a refreshing shower and pamper yourself with skincare treatments. Create a spa ambiance at home with candles, a cold drink, and soothing music.

9. Go Ice Skating

Cool down at an indoor ice rink for a fun and chilly activity during the summer months. Enjoy ice skating without worrying about the summer heat.

10. Start an Indoor Herb Garden

Cultivate herbs indoors for a rewarding and fresh addition to your cooking. Begin with a starter set and watch your herbs grow throughout the summer.

11. Visit Cultural Locations

Stay cool while learning by visiting museums, aquariums, or art galleries. Check for discounted tickets or special offers to save on entry fees.

12. Enjoy Comedy or Karaoke

Escape the outdoor heat by heading to a comedy or karaoke bar for entertainment and drinks with friends. Have a great time without overheating in the summer weather.


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