I prioritize staying active because I understand its benefits for my body and mind. However, I have never been the type of person who looks forward to working out. Despite trying various workout routines like Barre, Pilates, running, spin, and yoga, I never truly loved any of them.

However, everything changed when I discovered Sami Clarke’s FORM. It made me enjoy working out for the first time, and after using FORM almost exclusively for over a year, I am excited to share my review of the app.

What is FORM?

FORM, created by Sami Clarke, is a digital platform offering a wide range of fitness, wellness, and self-love content. From strength and Pilates classes to meditation and nutrition guidance, FORM provides the necessary support and motivation to help you become the best version of yourself. The workouts on FORM vary in length from 5-50 minutes and cover different areas like full-body strength, sculpting, and recovery, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The classes on FORM require minimal equipment, such as weights and resistance bands, with modifications available for those without specific gear. FORM offers a seven-day free trial and an annual subscription of $120, making it a cost-effective option compared to traditional gym memberships.

What I’ve noticed throughout my year using FORM:

I have more structure in my routine

FORM introduced me to structured workout routines, unlike my previous random selection of workouts. With designated schedules for strength-only, Pilates-only, and combined strength and Pilates sessions, FORM eliminated the guesswork in planning my workouts. Following these pre-set schedules increased the effectiveness of my workouts and prevented muscle fatigue from repetitive exercises.

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My workouts are more effective

One of the notable benefits of FORM is the efficiency of the workouts. Unlike other online videos that include lengthy introductions, FORM classes ensure that every minute is dedicated to exercise, maximizing the workout time. The intentional exercises and precise guidance from Sami have significantly increased the effectiveness of my workouts and pushed me further in my fitness journey.

My body feels a lot stronger

By diversifying my workout routine with FORM, I have targeted muscle groups that I previously neglected. This comprehensive approach has resulted in improved overall strength and body composition. Despite spending less time working out each day, the intensity of FORM classes has led to noticeable physical improvements, motivating me to continue challenging myself.

I actually get excited to work out

Surprisingly, FORM has transformed my outlook on exercise. I now eagerly anticipate my workouts, thanks to the structured yet varied classes offered. Each session feels engaging and purposeful, making me look forward to each workout. The diverse range of exercises and occasional challenges introduced by Sami keeps me motivated and committed to my fitness goals.


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