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Snoopy isn’t just a character. He’s an embodiment of loyalty, kindness, and creativity. While he can appear self-absorbed at times, his endearing traits make him a beloved dreamer. He’s never short of imagination, has a penchant for naps, and adores chocolate-chip cookies. Despite writing several novels, none of his works have made it to the shelves. His adventures in World War I, flying in his Sopwith Camel, ended in the tragic downing of his aircraft. He communicates without words, but his mind is vibrant. His home defies the laws of physics.

Snoopy, the anthropomorphic beagle, has captured the online world’s fascination.

Every November, interest in Snoopy spikes due to his prominent role in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. However, recent times have seen a resurgence of affection for Snoopy, powered by social media and a growing fan base amongst Gen Z.

Consider Kate Glavan, an influencer with 116.3K followers on TikTok, celebrated for her athleticism as a HOKA Global Athlete Ambassador. She is also an avid Snoopy fan.

“I love Snoopy’s dramatic nature,” she shared with Mashable in an Instagram DM. “I admire his loyalty and love. Snoopy memorabilia was everywhere when I was growing up in Minnesota. Seeing it resurface on social media brings back childhood memories and family.”

Recently, there has been a rush to purchase a plush Snoopy donning a green-and-yellow striped winter hat and a pale-blue puffy coat from CVS, priced around $15. This specific puffy jacket-wearing Snoopy is in high demand – to the extent that it’s sold out online, and people are struggling to find it in stores nationwide.

And this fervor is just the latest in Snoopy crazes. As noted by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Build-A-Bear Snoopy remains out of stock online, and the Red Cross Snoopy t-shirt went viral too. Is it because Snoopy is cute, or is there a resonance of our own selves in him?

Blake Scott Ball, a history professor at Huntingdon College and author of Charlie Brown’s America: The Popular Politics of Peanuts, told The Atlantic that the Peanuts comic “reflected the challenges of living as an ordinary human being in the 20th century … and the struggle to grapple with the myriad problems that faced us, while managing everyday concerns.”

Our contemporary world is no less taxing: The wealth gap is widening, and loneliness is pervasive. This might drive us to seek community wherever we can, even if it lies beyond our reality, akin to Snoopy’s dream worlds.

A pivotal aspect of Snoopy’s persona is his vivid inner life. His make-believe escapades resonate with many, offering an escapism that people are fixated on. Countless TikTok videos celebrate Snoopy’s deep emotional connection. Perhaps what we lack is more daydreaming and emotion. Perhaps Snoopy reminds us of our childhood fantasies and playfulness.

“Snoopy encourages me to approach each day with childlike playfulness,” said Galvan.

Or maybe, he’s just endearing. Either way, I’m on board, following Snoopy and his droopy little Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. When I say I’ve got that dog in me, I mean Snoopy.


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