When will we get the AI AMAs?
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Reports suggest that Reddit has allowed its content to be utilized in training artificial intelligence models, potentially marking a significant development in AI innovation.

As it gears up for a potential IPO valued at $5 billion in March, Bloomberg stated that Reddit has inked a $60 million deal with an undisclosed major player in the AI sector. This move could serve as a last-minute pitch to investors regarding the platform’s diverse revenue opportunities within the AI domain.

Although Reddit has not officially confirmed these reports.


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This agreement implies that Reddit posts across various subreddits, including both popular and lesser-known ones, could contribute to enhancing existing models or laying the groundwork for future advanced AI applications. However, this decision has sparked controversy among users, given Reddit’s nearly two-decade history and its various strategic moves.

In response to Reddit’s earlier decision to charge for API access, thousands of subreddits went offline in protest last year. Subsequently, the platform experienced downtime, followed by a threat from hackers demanding a ransom. Later, Reddit underwent a process of eliminating older chat data to facilitate a new chat system.

Additionally, Reddit has introduced new features such as an “official” badge to distinguish authentic accounts from impersonators and enhanced automatic moderation systems. In a controversial move, Reddit eliminated the option to disable personalized ads in September, further polarizing its user base.

This recent AI partnership is likely to provoke further debate on the ethical implications of utilizing public data and user-generated content in AI training processes.

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