Here’s how to join X’s Community Notes.
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X’s Community Notes, a feature allowing its users to provide context to others’ tweets, has become a vital part of the platform following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

Originally known as Birdwatch, this feature has undergone changes since Musk’s takeover. It now empowers users to take on content moderation through Community Notes.

Reactions to Community Notes vary; however, it plays a crucial role for X. For instance, CEO Linda Yaccarino highlighted the reliance on user participation in Community Notes in a letter to the EU addressing concerns about potential content violations.

If you’re already on X and keen on participating, here’s a guide to get started.

Eligibility for Community Notes

To qualify for the Community Notes program, your X account must comply with certain criteria.

As per X’s requirements, an account is eligible if it has not recently violated platform rules and has been active for at least 6 months. Additionally, the account must have a verified phone number from a trusted carrier linked to it.

Registration Process

To begin, sign up for Community Notes. Once eligible, you’ll proceed to the next step, which involves agreeing to the program’s terms.

Waiting for Approval

After signing up, the approval decision rests with X. The estimated waiting period for acceptance into the Community Notes program is not clearly defined. While some users have experienced short waits, others have waited for several weeks. On average, the wait seems to be around two weeks.

Acceptance Confirmation

If X approves your participation, you will receive a notification. Additionally, the Community Notes tab will become visible in the left-hand side menu.

What Comes Next?

Upon entering the program, Community Notes will prompt you to select a randomly generated username for your submissions. These usernames are anonymous and merely serve as identifiers for your contributions.

Initially, you can rate existing Community Notes. Once you’ve rated enough existing notes and they accumulate sufficient ratings, you can start submitting your own original notes, even for posts without existing notes.

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