Dealing with holiday stress can be tough, but there’s a simple solution that can help: meditation. Whether it’s navigating family gatherings, battling crowds while shopping, or facing travel delays, the holiday season can be overwhelming. While sticking to your usual healthy routines may be challenging, incorporating short meditation breaks throughout your day can provide you with some much-needed self-care.

Meditation is a versatile tool for staying calm during stressful holiday moments since it can be practiced almost anywhere, for any duration, and requires no prior experience. As a breath-work facilitator and dedicated meditation enthusiast, here are five quick meditations that I regularly use to navigate the holiday season with ease and joy.

1. The Starbucks Line Meditation

Waiting in line at Starbucks can be a prime scenario for frustration and stress. Convert this idle time into a brief meditation session inspired by Suze Yalof Schwartz’s book, Unplug.

Duration: Dependent on your coffee order wait time

Steps: While in line, focus on feeling your feet on the ground. Lift and place each foot slowly, paying attention to each motion. Engage with the surroundings and interactions, savor the experience, from ordering to enjoying your coffee. This practice can bring a calming reset to your coffee queue.

2. 16 Second to Calm Meditation

For those who feel time-strapped for meditation, try this 16-second technique by renowned spiritual teacher Davidji when overwhelmed or stressed.

Duration: 16 seconds

Steps: Take a deep breath, focus on your breathing, and live in the present for those 16 seconds. This brief practice helps shift your attention away from stressors, enabling you to be fully present.

3. The Traffic Meditation

Designed by Suze Yalof Schwartz, this meditation is ideal for calming unease during traffic jams or flight delays, offering a method to destress amidst external chaos.

Duration: 1-3 minutes

Steps: Increase awareness, conduct a body scan, and focus on controlled breathing to promote relaxation, concluding with accepting the situation with the mantra “it is what it is.”

4. Gratitude Meditation

During the holiday rush, cultivating gratitude is essential to combat stress triggers. Deepak Chopra’s gratitude meditation aids in realigning your focus and appreciation.

Duration: 5 minutes

Steps: Find a quiet space, breathe deeply, center yourself, contemplate on gratitude, and internalize positive affirmations to stay grounded and non-judgmental throughout the day.

5. Mindful Eating Meditation

Amidst the abundance of festive food, Amanda Gilbert’s mindful eating meditation encourages you to savor meals and avoid overindulgence, fostering a healthy relationship with food.

Duration: 1-5 minutes

Steps: Begin with breath awareness, engage with each bite mindfully, cherish the flavors, and appreciate the nourishment provided, promoting a sense of satisfaction and mindfulness in eating.

‘Tis the season

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