Life is like a sequence of eras, and this summer marks a new chapter in my fitness journey. Embracing weights and yoga, I have stepped into my gym girlie era, a surprising yet empowering identity shift.

A quick scroll through Instagram or TikTok reveals a trend of influencers and peers shifting from outdoor activities to strength training at the gym. The modern gym culture now welcomes everyone, breaking stereotypes of it being exclusive to certain groups. Mirror selfies are taken unapologetically as we dive into gym routines.

Embarking on a fitness journey is a nonlinear process, influenced by life’s rhythms and patterns. Exercise should be enjoyable, thanks to the release of endorphins. Drawing from firsthand experience and expert advice, I’ve delved into the joys of a consistent gym routine. Continue reading for insights on turning fitness into a beloved lifestyle, not just a habit.

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The Hacks That Helped Me Build a Gym Routine

1. Finding an Engaging Workout

Despite a past of sports involvement, transitioning to a 9-5 routine post-college led to a disconnect from previous activities. Experimenting with popular fitness trends like SoulCycle and boxing felt like a chore. Only when I discovered a workout I truly loved did things fall into place. It’s vital to enjoy the workout to maintain motivation and commitment.

It’s okay to explore various exercise styles initially, as advised by Morgan Raphael, the brain behind Self-Care Society. Trying different workouts helps identify what feels right and exciting for each individual.

2. Trusting Your Body

Letting go of preconceived notions about what an effective workout should look like is essential. Recognize that every day is different, and some days may require lighter or different exercises. Learning to listen to your body’s signals and avoiding excessive strain is crucial, as highlighted by fitness instructor Jodie Lyons. Not pushing too hard too soon and allowing for rest days are key components.

3. Energizing Music Playlist

Music can significantly enhance the gym experience by providing motivation and enjoyment. Creating playlists tailored to your energy and workout needs can transform physical activity into a more engaging and dynamic pursuit. Introducing seasonal playlists can align workout vibes with your body’s shifts throughout the year.

4. Building a Supportive Workout Community

Engaging with a fitness community can offer encouragement, accountability, and shared growth experiences. Finding like-minded individuals to connect with, whether through shared interests or dedicated groups, can amplify the overall fitness journey. Reflecting on personal achievements and internal well-being post-workout adds depth to the exercise routine.

5. Incorporating Walking as Exercise

While focusing on gym activities, incorporating regular walks into the routine offers a holistic approach to fitness. Walking serves as a sustainable and enjoyable workout, complementing gym sessions and fostering connections with nature and wellness-focused peers.

6. Prioritizing Self-Care through Fitness

Viewing fitness as a form of self-care can transform one’s approach to exercise. Scheduling workouts as non-negotiable appointments underscores their importance, enhancing mental and emotional well-being. Balancing workout intensity with rest days and valuing personal time contribute to a more sustainable fitness routine.

Shop My Gym Routine Must-Haves

Achieving success in my gym girl-era involves utilizing a range of products that boost motivation and convenience during workouts.

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While enjoying the gym atmosphere, having essential equipment at home or for travel ensures consistency in workouts. Water bottles, yoga mats, and training accessories are key items for gym and home workouts alike.

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Workout Apparel

Appropriate activewear that fits well contributes to boosting confidence and motivation for gym sessions. High-quality workout sets can enhance the overall exercise experience.

Snacks and Supplements

Complementing workouts with proper nutrition and supplements is essential for overall health. Electrolyte-restoring supplements and energy-boosting snacks are convenient additions to support fitness routines.


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