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Best of 2023

2023 was full of surprises. Let’s go back and delve into everything that fascinated, amazed, or puzzled us during the year.

TikTok witnessed numerous trends in 2023. Creators embodied “girlhood,” starred in their own Wes Anderson-style films, and engaged in extensive conversations about the Roman Empire. Amidst these various trends, a select group of creators captivated us with their creativity, music, and profound insights.

In a longstanding tradition, these creators brought joy in 2023, from those with prominent personalities to more niche figures who held our attention despite the abundance of content on our For You Pages (FYPs).

2023’s discussions on girl dinner, girl math, and girlhood: What did we learn from a year of girl trends?


In 2023, Scorsese made an impact in more ways than one. While director Martin Scorsese delivered the epic “Killers of the Flower Moon,” his daughter and actor Francesca Scorsese delighted us with TikToks offering glimpses into life with one of the world’s greatest living filmmakers. Memorable moments include Francesca explaining modern-day slang to Martin with film-centric prompts, or the two dancing to Coi Leray’s “TWINNEM.” Their cross-generational cinema moments were simply heartwarming! — Belen Edwards, Entertainment Reporter


Rob, also known as @GhoulCabin, captivated us with his charismatic presence, making endearing, entertaining videos from the comfort of his bed. A soft-spoken Irishman with a heart of gold, his content never fails to bring a smile. — Chase DiBenedetto, Social Good Reporter


Jensen McRae’s emotionally resonant songs on TikTok, complemented by her relatability and astute observations, made her stand out as a genuine, confessional voice. — Elena Cavender, Culture Reporter


Bryce, also known as @LockedGroove, is a gem on TikTok, offering insightful music recommendations, ASMR-like narration, and thought-provoking insights, making music exploration a delightful experience for her thousands of followers. — C.D.


Avery-Claire Nugent introduced us to the concept of clustering, breathing new life into the ancient practice of gathering by adding a fresh, artistic spin. Nugent’s clusterful content brought joy by showcasing a refreshing amalgamation of curated elements — a pure celebration of personal happiness. — Crystal Bell, Culture Editor


Meat Dad, an embodiment of wholesome, practical advice on butchery and reducing waste, became an unexpected yet incredibly useful source of knowledge and inspiration. — Tim Marcin, Culture Reporter


Caitlyn offers rigorous and insightful analysis of cultural moments, breaking down complex concepts for a wider audience, making her an invaluable guide in today’s ever-evolving cultural landscape. — E.C.


Tony Statovci’s rise in the content space has been remarkable, from his engaging skits to collaborations with renowned personalities. His unique comedic style, combined with his growth as a content creator, makes him a standout figure for 2023. And let’s not forget those envy-inducing curls! — Chance Townsend, Assistant Editor


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