Have you ever wondered why many individuals feel the need to settle down in their late 20s? Or why the average age of divorce in the United States is around 30? Maybe you’re thinking about a career change as you approach your 30s. Have you lived in the same location for most of your adult life and are contemplating a move to a completely new city? Take a moment to look at your circle of friends. Are many of them getting engaged, breaking up, starting families, pursuing new careers, or relocating to different cities? If you were born in the early or mid-’90s, these patterns might feel close to home for you, and your Saturn Return could be the cause. If you were born between 1990 and 1996, you are either nearing, experiencing, or finishing your Saturn Return.

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Wait, what’s a Saturn Return?

If you have some knowledge of astrology, you understand that delving into the various facets of your natal chart can be a time-consuming endeavor. However, one commonality we all share is the significant impact of Saturn’s return. According to astrologer Stefanie Caponi, Saturn is considered the most serious planet in astrology, governing time and symbolizing change, work, boundaries, structure, and commitments. Aligned with Capricorn, Saturn embodies the same determined and authoritative characteristics as those born under this zodiac sign.

When does your Saturn Return happen?

While each planet in your natal chart moves at its individual pace, Saturn takes roughly 29 years to return to its original position when you were born, marking your Saturn Return. The exact timing varies based on your specific natal chart, and consulting with an astrologer can help pinpoint when your Saturn Return will occur.

Given Saturn’s slow movement, you may start feeling its effects in the year leading up to the return, typically around 27 or 28 years old. The most significant period occurs between 29 and 30 years old, with the effects potentially lingering for another year or so.

What happens when Saturn returns?

During this period, you may start feeling a sense of maturity, not in a typical “I’m 18 and can buy a lottery ticket” manner, as Caponi explains. Saturn’s Return prompts significant growth in maturity, requiring individuals to make substantial decisions and reevaluate existing ones. While this phase may introduce upheavals, embracing it can lead to positive outcomes. Caponi emphasizes making decisions from a position of strength rather than fear.

Reflecting on my own Saturn Return, I ended a three-year relationship, relocated to a new city, commenced a new job, and navigated through a pandemic. Interestingly, my mother experienced her second Saturn Return during my first. If you’ve surpassed your initial return, rest assured that you’ll be prepared for the subsequent one.

How your Saturn Return affects your romantic life

If you’re in a relationship…

The impact of your Saturn Return on your relationship hinges on the strength of the bond, understanding of each other, and self-awareness. This phase prompts a deep exploration of your true self. While some individuals may find alignment with their current self, others may feel a pull towards a different direction compared to their past selves or their partners. Not even celebrities like Adele are immune to the transformation catalyzed by a Saturn Return. Adele attributed her divorce to the significant changes experienced during her Saturn Return, even commemorating it with a tattoo.

If a breakup occurs during your Saturn Return, perceive it as a beneficial transition. Caponi underscores that while breakups entail pain for both individuals, it signifies a significant gift for personal growth. Terminating a relationship based on the shifts felt during this period liberates both parties and aids them in realizing their true paths at their own pace.

If you’re single…

If you find yourself single during your Saturn Return, the ball is in your court. Caponi suggests identifying areas where you feel a lack of control in your life and being open to exploring them. Embrace new experiences, step out of your comfort zone, and take risks. According to Caponi, during your single phase of Saturn Return, both you and your potential partner are energetically preparing for each other, eventually crossing paths at the perfect timing post self-discovery.

While you may have preconceived notions of an ideal partner, remain open to unexpected matches. Saturn has an uncanny way of delivering exactly what you need.

How to prepare for your Saturn Return

First and foremost, relax. Saturn aims to revamp and guide you towards new, aligned pathways rather than upheaving your entire life. Evaluate whether you are holding back from committing to something. Caponi stresses embracing more responsibility and leveling up beyond what you’ve ever undertaken.

“Throughout most of your 20s, you may have perceived a specific life trajectory,” Caponi elaborates. However, your authentic self awaits discovery, unveiling alternative possibilities. This revelation provides you with the chance to embrace your true identity, breaking free from societal expectations or peer influences, potentially leading to significant change.

Remember, it’s not imperative to have everything mapped out. Caponi emphasizes that while effort propels you towards your objectives, trust and faith in the journey are equally vital. Though Saturn may present challenges, embracing the possibility of failing forward fosters personal growth.

As you approach, conclude, or reflect on your Saturn Return, trust in Saturn’s support and welcome this phase for the transformative experience it offers.


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