Currently, there is a noticeable trend of recognizing and celebrating women. From references to icons like Barbie, events like “girl dinner,” the rise of bow trends, to terms like “girl math,” girlhood is enjoying a surge in popularity. If you are an avid TikTok user, you might have come across discussions on what it means to be a girl’s girl. Despite the ebb and flow of trendy terms, the concept of girl’s girls, which refers to women who support and value their relationships with other women, has stood the test of time.

When thinking of significant cultural #GRLPWR moments or iconic female friendships, various examples come to mind. Personally, I envision squads like the dynamic besties in The Bold Type or legendary groups like The Spice Girls (a childhood favorite) as epitomes of girl’s girls. These women loved each other unconditionally, supported each other through challenges, and celebrated each other’s successes. They embody the true essence of girl’s girls, shaping how I nurture my friendships.

I proudly embrace being a girl’s girl and value women’s success. The amazing women in my life inspire me to be my best, support me in tough times, challenge me when needed, and cheer me on enthusiastically. The bond of being loved and understood by fellow women is invaluable and sets the standard for all my relationships. If a partner does not provide the same level of support and understanding as my female friends, then that energy is not something I seek in my life.

While being a girl’s girl is trendy now, women supporting each other is not a new concept. However, the recent buzz around this trend may lead to misunderstandings or misconceptions, which we should avoid. If you find yourself puzzled by the recent discussions, here is a breakdown of what it truly means to be a girl’s girl—and what it doesn’t.

A girl’s girl celebrates other women

A girl’s girl wholeheartedly supports other women, taking joy in their company, supporting them, learning from them, and delighting in their achievements. The enduring friendship between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez exemplifies unwavering support and excitement for each other’s success through life’s ups and downs.

We learn from each other as we journey through life, with a girl’s girl cherishing this mutual growth. Celebrating victories, such as landing a dream job or making a bold move, gives us a reason to grab a lovely congratulatory gift and wrap it with a bow—because who doesn’t love that?

A true girl’s girl feels proud and excited when other women win, instead of letting jealousy or comparison bog them down.

A girl’s girl doesn’t let jealousy win

A genuine girl’s girl feels joy and excitement when other women succeed, rather than giving in to jealousy or comparison. For example, if a coworker gets a promotion you were eyeing, it’s natural to feel disappointed, but embracing your girl’s girl spirit means congratulating her and being proud of another woman’s career advancement. Understanding that when one woman succeeds, it benefits all women is fundamental to the world of girl’s girls, where negative feelings like jealousy have no place.

A girl’s girl is a feminist

Identifying as a girl’s girl often comes with a feminist perspective. Women have fought for equality and recognition for generations. Collaborating towards our shared goal, despite differences, is crucial. Believing in equal opportunities and respect for women is a powerful mindset. Viewing other women as allies rather than rivals can only improve our world.

A girl’s girl doesn’t need to put men down

Being a girl’s girl means prioritizing connections with women without disparaging men or individuals who do not identify as women. It doesn’t imply men are inferior; in fact, you can maintain relationships with men while embodying true girl’s girl traits. Ensuring you maintain bonds with your female friends when forming new relationships with men helps preserve those sacred connections.

The more we view other women as allies rather than adversaries, the better our world will be.

A girl’s girl is honest and encouraging

Searching the term on platforms like TikTok reveals examples of women embodying the phrase and creating humorous memes and jokes. While some memes humorously say, “I support women’s rights and women’s wrongs,” being a girl’s girl involves sharing honest truths with your friends.

If you spot a friend engaging in harmful behavior, it’s essential to honestly communicate your concerns. Addressing such issues with love and the intent to maintain a healthy friendship is crucial. Ignoring dangerous behavior for the sake of peace can harm both parties. I value the honesty of women in my life, as they help me grow and improve, showing their care and love.

The Takeaway

Whether you have a small circle of close female friends or a large group of friends, anyone can be a girl’s girl by valuing and appreciating the connections with women in their lives. You don’t need a glamorous clique to benefit from female energy. Supporting each other, offering tough love, and prioritizing female friendship make being a woman truly fulfilling.

Although society has often portrayed women as rivals (hello, Mean Girls), we are moving away from that narrative. Being the “popular girl in school” is no longer the ideal. We recognize that there is room for all women to be happy and successful. And to that, I say wholeheartedly, “finally.”


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