Recall your recent dating experiences. When was the last time you met someone intriguing in an unexpected place outside of dating apps? If you’re in a relationship, how did you and your partner meet? If you’ve been single in the last ten years, chances are you’ve explored various dating apps.

While dating apps like Tinder and Hinge have been prominent for some time, they have evolved over time, introducing paid memberships that unlock exclusive features not available in the free version. These paid features range from more daily likes to the ability to set your location to a different country. Paid memberships have become common in dating apps, often resulting in limitations in the free versions.

As a single woman in her 30s, my experiences with dating apps over the past decade have been varied. Living in a large city has exposed me to different online dating scenarios, providing insights into whether paying for dating apps is worthwhile.

With numerous apps offering various membership tiers for those serious about finding love, there are several factors to weigh before committing to a paid plan. Below, I’ll give my honest thoughts on each app, highlighting which ones are worth the investment and how to choose the right one for you.

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Tinder has surprisingly emerged as my top choice among dating apps. Despite its reputation, I’ve had success with both serious and casual dating on Tinder. Over about a decade, I have used the app intermittently, allowing me to thoroughly evaluate its effectiveness.

Cost: $7.99/month for Tinder Plus, $24.99/month for Tinder Gold, $29.99/month for Tinder Platinum, $500/month for Tinder Select

Best for: Those seeking a premium dating experience with access to a vast pool of potential matches.


  • Accessible price points
  • Unlimited likes, rewinds, and use of Passport for location switching
  • Five Super Likes a day and optional Swipe Notes for messaging before you match
  • Easier access to the larger user base on any dating app

Tinder’s paid options offer features at accessible price points, making them more inclusive compared to other apps. The Premium subscription, particularly the Platinum tier, provides excellent value with benefits like unlimited likes, rewind option, and advanced features for a more engaging user experience.


  • Tinder’s reputation as a hookup app
  • Large number of profiles to sift through

While Tinder is known for its hookup culture, it also comes with a vast user base, which can be overwhelming to navigate. If you prefer a more serious dating atmosphere, other apps like Hinge or Bumble might be a better fit.

The Verdict

Based on my experience and the value of the features offered in the Platinum membership, Tinder’s paid options are worth the investment. The app provides a mix of affordability and enhanced security measures, making it a compelling choice for those seeking potential matches.


Bumble stands out for its emphasis on safety and respect in the online dating world. The app offers a secure environment, making it ideal for beginners or individuals seeking meaningful connections.

Cost: $34.99/month for Bumble Premium, $24.99/week for Bumble Premium+

Best for: Those looking for a curated dating pool and serious relationships.


  • View who liked you in Beeline
  • Unlimited backtracks and match extensions
  • Prioritized likes and profiles for Premium+ members
  • Advanced profile filters

Bumble’s paid memberships offer useful features like advanced filters, unlimited likes, and the ability to see who has shown interest in you. The Premium+ tier caters to individuals focusing on serious relationships, providing enhanced visibility and profile promotion.


  • Requirement for women to initiate conversations
  • Higher membership costs
  • Transition of previously free features to paid model

While Bumble prioritizes female engagement in conversations, some may find this feature limiting. The app has evolved to include more paid features, a trend that may dissuade free users. Previously complimentary features like backtracks and filters are now part of the paid experience.

The Verdict

For those committed to Bumble exclusively and seeking quality matches, the Premium features offer a streamlined dating experience. However, the pricing may be a deterrent for users exploring multiple platforms or on a strict budget.

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Hinge has gained popularity for its focus on meaningful connections and real-life interactions. It’s a recommended choice for those looking to transition from online conversations to actual dates efficiently.

Cost: $29.99/month for Hinge+, $49.99/month for HingeX

Best for: Individuals seeking genuine connections and a serious relationship.


  • Advanced filters for preferences
  • Unlimited likes
  • Boosted profile visibility for HingeX subscribers
  • Increased communication tools

Hinge offers various subscriptions with features like enhanced profile filtering and unlimited likes. HingeX elevates the experience with boosted profiles and priority likes, resulting in more meaningful connections and increased date opportunities.


  • Feedback on compatibility algorithm
  • Restricted access to Standouts for paid members
  • High membership costs compared to features

Some users critique Hinge’s compatibility matching and limited access to Standouts. While the pricing may deter budget-conscious users, those investing in their dating journey report positive outcomes and enhanced connections with Hinge subscriptions.

The Verdict

Hinge’s paid memberships may seem pricey, but the quality of matches and enhanced features justify the costs for users committed to building meaningful relationships. If you value connection over casual swiping, Hinge’s paid options offer a curated dating experience.


OkCupid, often underrated, stands out for its comprehensive features and unique matchmaking approach. The app’s emphasis on user preferences and compatibility percentages make it a preferred choice for those seeking meaningful connections.

Cost: $44.99/month for OkCupid Premium

Best for: Those interested in detailed compatibility assessments and upfront insights into matches.


  • View likes and messages upfront
  • Access to all user responses
  • Unique compatibility structure
  • Optional boosts and SuperLikes

OkCupid’s premium membership offers in-depth insights into matches, allowing users to view likes, messages, and detailed responses. The platform’s unique compatibility metrics and comprehensive features make it a valuable tool for users seeking meaningful connections.


  • Smaller user base compared to other apps
  • Higher subscription costs

OkCupid’s limitation lies in its user pool, which may vary by location. The app’s premium membership caters to individuals willing to invest time in creating detailed profiles and engaging in thoughtful conversations for optimal matchmaking results.

The Verdict

For users in larger cities, OkCupid’s premium membership offers a personalized matchmaking experience worth exploring. The app’s questionnaire-based approach provides valuable insights into user preferences, enhancing compatibility and fostering meaningful connections.

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Feeld caters to niche communities, offering a platform for those exploring alternative relationship styles and sexual experiences. The app’s inclusive environment, customizable options, and open communication make it a preferred choice for non-monogamous, LGBTQ+, and kink communities.

Cost:$24.99/month for Majestic Membership

Best for: Users in non-monogamous, LGBTQ+, or kink communities exploring alternative relationships.


  • See all likes and last activity of users
  • Upload private photos for matches
  • Filter users based on desires
  • Inclusive platform

Feeld’s Majestic Membership offers a comprehensive package, allowing users to have full visibility of likes, send direct messages, and customize their profile. The app’s inclusive approach and tailored features cater to users seeking alternative relationship dynamics.


  • Recent price increase
  • Limit on daily interactions for paid members

Feeld’s recent price adjustment raised concerns among members, impacting their perception of the app. While the app offers robust features, some users find the limited daily interactions for paid members restrictive, affecting the overall user experience.

The Verdict

For those within niche communities or exploring alternative relationship dynamics, Feeld’s Majestic Membership provides a valuable platform for connecting with like-minded individuals. While the recent pricing changes have sparked debates, the app’s focus on inclusivity and customization remains appealing to users seeking unique dating experiences.

Final Thoughts

After years of navigating the online dating landscape, these apps have emerged as top contenders in the quest for meaningful connections. Whether you’re a budget-conscious swiper or willing to invest in premium features, these platforms offer a range of options to enhance your dating experience and potentially find lasting relationships. Trust in these recommendations and take a chance on finding your match!


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