X introduces a new $200 per month Verified Organization subscription tier.
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Elon Musk’s X is shaking up its Verified Organizations program by unveiling a more pocket-friendly tier tailored to small businesses.

X has officially launched a new $200 per month “Basic” plan catering to organizations keen on verifying their accounts with the gold checkmark badge, without having to commit to the previous $1,000 per month “Full Access” plan.

Brands on X can opt for an annual Basic plan as well, priced at $2,000 per year. Currently, the Full Access plan doesn’t offer an annual subscription option.

What Does the Basic Plan Offer?

According to the official @Verified account on X, the Basic plan is “tailored for smaller businesses, offering subscribers ad credits & priority support to facilitate accelerated growth on X.”

Verified Organization Basic accounts provide the gold checkmark verification badge, “priority support” from X, and access to the X Hiring platform for posting job openings. Additionally, X will provide ad credits equivalent to the subscription amount paid by the user. For instance, at the $200 per month level, a user will receive $200 ad credits monthly. Moreover, the subscribed account will also enjoy all the benefits of the X Premium’s Premium+ plan.

For a brief reminder, X Premium is the $8 per month subscription plan for non-organization users, offering the blue verification badge, the ability to post longer videos and text posts, and other extra features such as eligibility for monetization. X also introduced a Premium+ plan for $16 per month last year, encompassing all features from the Premium plan alongside extras like ad-free experience and access to the company’s AI chatbot, Grok.

Thus, at $200 per month, Verified Organizations on the Basic plan will enjoy all these features, akin to those paying $2,000 per month.

Basic vs. Full Access Verified Organization Plan

There’s a significant price disparity between $2,000 per year for Basic and $12,000 per year for Full Access Verified Organization plans.

The key distinction lies in Basic users not having access to the Affiliations feature, which the Full Access plan provides. Affiliations permits Verified Organization accounts to list other X accounts on their profile, providing these accounts with X Premium and a logo next to their verified badge, showcasing their affiliation with the Verified Organization account.

Basic users also don’t receive a “2x boost” for their posts on the platform, according to X.

The introduction of this new Basic tier by X seems to address the fact that the $1,000 per month Verified Organization subscription is unattainable for many users. Similarly, the $8-per-month X Premium plan has long encountered difficulties in attracting new subscribers.

However, the new Basic plan lacks the most crucial Verified Organization feature: Affiliations. Except for users already spending a significant amount on X advertising each month, where the subscription essentially pays for itself through ad-spend credits, the Basic Verified Organization plan doesn’t offer much more than the $16 per month X Premium+ plan. The primary difference appears to be the gold verification checkmark attached to an account’s username, rather than a blue one.

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