The festive holiday season is upon us, bringing with it cozy evenings with hot cocoa, nostalgic movie marathons, beautiful decorations, quality time with loved ones, and a considerable amount of expenses. While I eagerly anticipate the joy of the holidays, the financial burden often weighs on my mind each year.

A few years back, I delved into finding innovative ways to earn and save money. One strategy that continuously emerged was utilizing credit card points and their perks to the fullest. By selecting a credit card that aligns with your needs, you can accumulate rewards that include free gifts, travel opportunities, and cashback. These rewards can truly be a saving grace during the holiday season, making it an ideal time to leverage your points and maximize savings. If you’re unsure how to make the most of your points or seeking a refresher on the benefits they offer, below are some effective ways to capitalize on credit card incentives during the holidays.

1. Enjoy Subsidized (or Free) Travel

Credit card perks often include travel rewards, providing opportunities for free flights, discounted accommodations, or luxury upgrades. If you anticipate traveling extensively this holiday season, assess your existing points or miles to seize any available travel deals before they fill up. Booking in advance can stretch your points further, and this time of year presents a prime chance to secure referral or sign-up bonus perks that can offset your holiday travel expenses.

2. Utilize Discounts through Travel Rewards Portals

Explore the possibility of additional discounts by booking travels through specific rewards portals affiliated with your credit card. Partnering with renowned travel sites can offer significant savings, enabling you to book desired plans at reduced rates, leaving more funds for other holiday expenditures. This partnership can extend to experiences such as tours or excursions, making for memorable gifts during upcoming trips with friends or loved ones.

3. Leverage Cashback or Statement Credits for Gift Purchases

Redirect accumulated cashback rewards towards purchasing gifts for family and friends. Use your cashback credit card to buy gifts as usual and opt for “pay with rewards” when settling your bill to apply the cashback to those purchases. This strategy can cover a significant portion of your gift expenses, allowing you to focus less on saving throughout the year and ensuring your loved ones receive thoughtful presents.

4. Secure Gift Cards at a Discounted Price

Check if your credit card offers reduced prices on gift cards when purchased through their portal. This opportunity can involve popular retailers like Sephora and Ulta, granting you substantial discounts on purchases. By taking advantage of such offers, you can potentially obtain gifts at a lower cost, particularly during holiday sales, resulting in significant savings or even free purchases.

5. Obtain Discounted Gifts with Enhanced Availability

Explore your credit card’s rewards portal for discounted physical products, especially prominent items. This platform can provide considerable discounts on high-demand products, increasing your chances to secure sought-after gifts. By combining these discounted prices with your accumulated points, you may acquire these products at minimal or no cost, representing a savvy gifting solution.

6. Redeem Points at Checkout for Various Purchases

Maximize the thrill of redeeming loyalty or credit card points by utilizing them towards various purchases at checkout. This method is particularly effective when combined with a credit card associated with a specific retailer, offering extra points for shopping there. Utilize this strategy for holiday gatherings, securing free groceries or beverages, thereby minimizing the impact on your regular budget while hosting memorable events. This tactic extends to non-food items like toys or clothing, enabling additional savings on diverse purchases.

7. Utilize Your Credit Card for Comprehensive Shopping to Accumulate Points for the Future

Although the current holiday season is in full swing, it’s never too early to plan for the next year. While utilizing your points for various holiday expenses this season, consider responsibly using your credit card to earn points for future holiday expenditures. Explore your rewards portal for activated offers that enhance points accumulation during this season, ensuring you don’t miss out on additional perks. Take advantage of retailer-specific offers, like earning cashback on purchases at select stores, to optimize your rewards potential.


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