As a person who grew up in a sunny place with almost 300 days of sunshine yearly, moving to Chicago where gloomy weather is common was a challenge. Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) became a yearly struggle. To cope, I prepare in advance, embrace cozy vibes, and religiously take vitamin D. Surprisingly, despite the gloom, fall and winter remain my favorite seasons.

With my proactive approach to combat seasonal mood swings, the Olly Light Therapy Lamp caught my eye in last year’s gift guide. Eager to try anything to stay upbeat during the cloudy season, buying a lamp designed to simulate sunlight was an easy decision. Almost a year later, I’m attached to what I affectionately call my “SAD lamp.” Here are my honest thoughts on this wellness product that will be my winter savior.

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How Light Therapy Lamps Function

Our bodies require sunlight exposure to regulate wake-up and sleep times, also known as the circadian rhythm. Sunlight signals the body to reduce melatonin production and increase cortisol for energy. In winter, with fewer daylight hours, increased melatonin due to longer nights can lead to mood changes linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Sunlight exposure affects hormone levels like serotonin and melatonin, impacting mood and behavior. Moreover, lack of vitamin D from sunlight can contribute to depression. Light therapy lamps, like Olly’s, aim to replicate sunlight, helping maintain serotonin levels, regulate melatonin production, and provide vitamin D, thereby reducing SAD symptoms.

My Experience with Olly’s Light Therapy Lamp

While a light therapy lamp cannot substitute for natural sunlight, incorporating Olly’s lamp into my routine has significantly improved my mood and energy levels. I appreciate its compact size and aesthetics, allowing me to place it on my bedside table or desk effortlessly. The lamp’s LED light intensity options and 25-minute auto-shutoff feature make it convenient to use daily.

Consistently using this lamp over time has positively impacted my mood, making it easier to navigate cloudy days. However, it’s part of a larger care plan that includes vitamin D supplementation, therapy, and self-care practices to manage SAD symptoms effectively.

Incorporating Light Therapy Lamp into Daily Routine

Morning Use

For optimal benefits, use the lamp in the morning to enhance cortisol levels, serotonin release, and melatonin regulation throughout the day, combating SAD symptoms.

Mid-day Boost

Utilize the lamp mid-day to counteract screen-induced fatigue and boost energy levels by exposing yourself to a different light wavelength than screens emit.

Habit Stacking

Integrate lamp usage into activities like reading or working, maximizing serotonin production during gloomy months. Flexibility and portability make habit stacking easy with the Olly lamp.

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