Why bother visualizing your ideal life (as discussed in January Challenge Week #1) if you’re not in a position to enjoy it fully? Week #3 of our January Challenge centers around enhancing your overall well-being to boost energy levels, promote longevity, enhance gut health, balance hormones, and generally feel better in your own skin. No crash diets or brutal workout regimes here – just sustainable tips to embrace a healthy lifestyle. In this third week of The Everygirl’s January Challenge, there is a daily wellness-focused “snack” to concentrate on each day of the week.

January Challenge Week 3

Monday: Read “9 Powerful Lifestyle Habits of the World’s Healthiest People”

If there’s anyone who knows the secret to a long life, it’s the residents of the Blue Zones (areas where people enjoy exceptionally long lives). They attribute their longevity to nine common lifestyle habits they all share. Discover these habits in this article and be prepared to take some notes.

Tuesday: Listen to “How to Transform Your Health to Unlock Limitless Potential, With Biohacking Bestie Aggie Lal”

In this episode of The Everygirl Podcast, biohacking expert Aggie Lal shares insights on biohacking and her scientifically supported methods for optimizing fitness and overall health. Learn how to achieve your healthiest self by working with your body’s biology to unleash your limitless potential.

Wednesday: Try one of these recipes for promoting longevity

Following the Blue Zone principles, it’s evident that diet plays a crucial role in leading a healthy, long life. Explore a variety of recipes – from banana bread to pasta to soups – containing antioxidants, fiber, and superfoods, inspired by the diets of the healthiest individuals across the globe.

Thursday: Listen to “How to Heal Your Body With Hormone Specialist, Lauren Papanos“

In this episode, hormone specialist Lauren Papanos delves into the significance of hormonal balance for overall health. Gain valuable insights on identifying underlying issues, hormonal testing, and strategies for healing to optimize your well-being.

Friday: Schedule all of your doctor appointments for the year

Make a proactive move by booking your dental, dermatological, gynecological, and other essential medical appointments for the coming year. Prioritize your health by treating these appointments as you would any other important commitment, ensuring you follow through and take care of yourself.

Saturday: Listen to “How to Live a Longer, Healthier Life with Parsley Health’s Dr. Robin Berzin“

Discover insights from Dr. Robin Berzin, CEO of Parsley Health, on holistic health practices that focus on prevention, managing chronic symptoms, and getting to the root cause of health issues. Learn how to address common health concerns and adopt practices for a healthier, longer life.

Sunday: Read “Unlocking Your Body’s Full Potential: A Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking“

Explore the concept of biohacking and select one biohack to experiment with based on your health goals. After absorbing information on biohacking, take actionable steps towards enhancing your well-being, whether it involves better sleep, improved workout performance, or achieving radiant skin.


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