After serving in the Air Force for eight years, primarily as an intelligence officer, Torrance Hart found herself contemplating her next move. She considered various options like flipping houses, starting a food truck, opening a gym, or planning weddings. However, none of these paths felt quite right. Little did she know that seven years later, she would establish a thriving company with a dedicated team, navigating it through a global pandemic.

Reflecting on her decision, Torrance shared, “I had always been intrigued by entrepreneurship, but it seemed like a realm for others to explore. I’d devour any business owner interviews, feeling inspired by their fulfilling lives and careers.”

About a year before leaving the Air Force, Torrance delved into exploring entrepreneurship, particularly focusing on the wedding industry due to her event planning experiences. She noticed a gap in the market regarding wedding welcome gifts, propelling her to launch Teak & Twine, a gift box company specializing in curated gifts for corporate clients and personal occasions.

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Transitioning from the military to owning a gift box company, Torrance found parallels in customer service and meeting deliverables. She emphasized the importance of resilience gained in the Air Force, which significantly aided her entrepreneurial journey.

Teak & Twine initially started with wedding welcome boxes but has since expanded its offerings to cater to corporate giants and individuals seeking heartfelt gifts for various occasions.

“I was inspired by the exceptional business owners I followed and admired.”

Despite the significant shift from military life to entrepreneurship, Torrance highlighted the similarities in dedication and client-centric focus between her past and current roles.

The early days were demanding, as Torrance managed Teak & Twine alongside her Air Force duties. It took nine months post-launch for her to transition to running the business full-time.

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Source: @hannahhudsonphotography for Teak & Twine

Following her departure from the Air Force, Torrance, now a military spouse, leveraged her experience to build her team, particularly hiring fellow military spouses. Embracing transitions and cultivating growth, she emphasized adaptability in her business approach.

One of Torrance’s proudest achievements is her dedicated team, comprising individuals who share her vision and commitment. Their collective effort and unity drive the company’s success.

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Currently based in Washington D.C., Torrance continues to innovate her business through courses and community initiatives, offering guidance to budding entrepreneurs in navigating challenges like the holiday season and securing corporate clients.

Amid the shift to virtual operations prompted by the pandemic, Torrance embraced flexibility and resilience, acknowledging the accomplishment of achieving goals through remote collaboration.

“Success in entrepreneurship arises from a collaborative effort and shared goals.”

Driven by a desire for continuous growth, Torrance aspires to expand her team, secure significant contracts, and empower aspiring entrepreneurs to scale their ventures successfully.

Embracing the concept of post-traumatic growth, Torrance sees challenges as opportunities for transformation and enhanced purpose, fostering a resilient mindset.

As she guides others through adversity, Torrance aims to instill a sense of optimism and resilience, emphasizing the collective strength needed to navigate unforeseen challenges.

Source: @hannahhudsonphotography for Teak and Twine

Source: @reema_desai for Teak and Twine

Her initiative, “Free Gifts for Helpers,” launched during the pandemic outbreak, exemplifies her commitment to supporting frontline workers and spreading positivity amidst challenging times.

Looking ahead, Torrance envisions continued growth, team expansion, and ongoing contributions to the entrepreneurial community, pursuing a trajectory of success and impact.

By inspiring others to embrace post-traumatic growth, Torrance advocates for resilience and purpose in overcoming adversities, underscoring the collective strength needed during challenging times.


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