Android users can now access audio and video calling features through X by subscribing to a Premium plan.
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It’s now possible to make audio and video calls directly from your Android device.

X, led by Elon Musk, has introduced the option for Android users to utilize audio and video calling features on the social media platform.

The functionality is straightforward – users can initiate audio or video calls with other X users through the app. However, there’s a catch. To make calls, users must have a subscription to X Premium, priced at $8 per month, or opt for Premium+ at $16 per month.

On the flip side, any X user can receive audio and video calls without needing a subscription.

Is this in line with what X users desire?

Elon Musk envisions transforming X, previously Twitter, into an all-encompassing app. Private audio and video communication appears to be a central element of Musk’s vision, alongside public posts, audio chats via Spaces, and live video streaming.

Previously, X introduced audio and video calling for iOS devices in October 2023. The uptake of this feature remains unclear. There hasn’t been significant online discussion among X users regarding its usage.

While reaching out to an X user directly via the app may sound intriguing, it also raises concerns about potential misuse by spammers and scammers. If a user hasn’t shared their contact details with you, there might be a valid reason for it.

At present, X users can access this feature on their iOS and Android devices exclusively.

Users have control over who can call them – whether it’s open to any Premium subscriber or restricted to users they follow or have in their phone’s contacts list – by adjusting settings in the Messaging section of the app. These controls may prove useful if undesirable users on X start exploiting audio and video calling functionalities.

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