Many may question the connection between meditation and sex, but they are more linked than one might think. Meditation focuses on connecting the mind and body, and leveraging this connection can lead to increased pleasure. According to a study by NATSAL, over half of the women surveyed had ongoing sexual concerns, yet a small percentage sought help for them (Quick reminder: talk to your healthcare providers and partners about enhancing pleasure). It’s common to accept unsatisfactory sexual experiences as normal, but it’s time to bid farewell to mediocre sex. You deserve the fulfilling sex life of your dreams. Here’s how meditation can help you achieve that, time and time again.

How Meditation Influences Your Sexual Life

Research indicates a direct link between meditation and sexual function, showing that individuals who meditate have a higher likelihood of experiencing sexual arousal. This correlation is quite logical. As a certified Breathwork Facilitator, I integrate meditation into my daily schedule. Whenever I deviate from this routine (as we all do at times), I observe changes in my mood, energy levels, and focus. I become more irritable, less attentive, and often end up feeling drained. This combination of emotions doesn’t set the stage for a satisfying day, let alone a great climax. To derive pleasure from sex, you need to be attuned to your body and confidently express your desires. Regular meditation can elevate your mood and energy, creating the ideal ambiance for sexual arousal.

Moreover, meditation techniques can help us stay present during intimate moments, leading to heightened pleasure. During meditation, we concentrate on the breath’s movement within the body and outwards through the mouth. Occasionally, stray thoughts may emerge, but we train ourselves to refocus on the breath. If we apply this practice to sex, we’re less likely to worry about our physical appearance, whether we’re satisfying our partner, or drift off into thoughts about tomorrow’s tasks. Meditation enables us to stay present and connected to our bodies. Both sex and meditation necessitate a profound mind-body connection; achieving an orgasm requires simultaneous stimulation of the mind and body.

Meditation Practices for Enhanced Sexual Experiences

Meditation to Boost Body Positivity

We often criticize ourselves, starting with our physical appearance. To feel at ease being naked with a partner, you first need to feel comfortable in your own skin. Try this daily exercise to enhance your self-assurance. Each morning, as you prepare for the day, look in the mirror and smile at yourself: Appreciate every feature from your cheekbones and eyes to your freckles.

Repeat this ritual for a few days, then progress to doing it shirtless. Focus on your upper body, breasts, and stomach, smiling and sending positive vibes to each part. After gaining more confidence, attempt this exercise completely naked. It may feel strange initially, but that’s okay. Ingrain in your mind the affirmation, “My body is beautiful,” even if you don’t fully believe it, and repeat this mantra persistently until you internalize the compliments.

Meditation for Mindfulness Enhancement

Distractions can dampen the mood. Achieving great sex necessitates being fully present in the moment, a skill that can be cultivated. This meditation is beneficial before engaging in sexual activities to help you attain the right mindset. Begin by sitting comfortably with your feet grounded. Close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose, then exhale through your mouth. Relax your shoulders and sense the weight of your feet on the ground.

Release all emotions from the day — whether joy, sorrow, or anger — visualizing them flowing out through your feet into the earth. Allow yourself to feel lighter as you let go. With a clear mind, focus on your breathing, observing the natural rise and fall of your chest. Recognize how the breath traverses through your body without analyzing its pace. If your mind wanders, gently return to your breath. Repeat the phrase “I am here.” When you feel ready, open your eyes gradually.

Meditation for Heightened Pleasure

Are you familiar with your deepest turn-ons? I’m referring to your most intense fantasies — things you may be hesitant to share with your partner (or even yourself). This meditation aims to connect you with your innermost desires. Find a relaxed position, close your eyes, and breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth until you feel centered and relaxed.

Next, tune into your sensations. Notice the tingling of your skin, the thumping of your heart, and your body’s temperature. Ask yourself, “Where do I feel pleasure?” Let go of any predefined notions about pleasure locations or fantasies. This private meditation is yours alone. Feel the desire within your body, allowing it to spread to other areas. Permit yourself to experience pleasure during intimacy to the fullest. When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.


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