Going to Trader Joe’s during the holiday season is like participating in my personal Olympics. It requires real endurance to navigate through the charcuterie board enthusiasts, the Pinterest cocktail creators, the determined shoppers fighting for that last tin of Jingle Jangle—and of course, the guy just trying to grab his Orange Chicken. Despite the chaos, I ventured out in search of the best way to embrace the festive period: Trader Joe’s holiday items.

I combed the aisles (you’d think they could organize everything in one spot, right?), grabbing all the seasonal finds I could while ensuring a diverse selection for our taste test. We opted for kitchen-friendly products over giftable treats and holiday tins. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Jingle Jangle, so it’s not part of this ranking (but it holds a top spot in our hearts).

Building on the success of our Starbucks seasonal drinks rankings, we adopted the same criteria for evaluating and ranking Trader Joe’s holiday offerings. Our team gathered at The Everygirl’s headquarters to sample and rate the best holiday sips, sweets, and treats based on overall taste, festiveness, and repeat-purchase potential.

Continue scrolling for our definitive ranking of all the Trader Joe’s holiday items we could track down:

16. Dark Chocolate Covered Minty Mallows

The consensus on these was a resounding “pass.” The odd texture, reminiscent of a mix between marshmallow and York Peppermint Patty filling, coupled with an intense mint flavor deterred us. While not our favorite, marshmallow enthusiasts may find merit in these treats, especially when paired with holiday hot chocolate.

15. Sugar Glazed Lebkuchen Cookies

Anticipation turned to disappointment as these cookies didn’t live up to their appearance. The surprising crunchy exterior and soft, almost doughnut-like interior puzzled our taste buds. The nutty, spiced flavor led one reviewer to label them as “health food-y.” Their authenticity to traditional Lebkuchen cookies was noteworthy, yet not entirely satisfying.

14. Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

Despite having its fans, these didn’t win us over. The artificial-tasting filling with toothpaste-like vibes and divisive candy cane chunks left much to be desired. A subpar comparison to the beloved Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s, but still a satisfactory emergency sweet option for some.


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