Paris Hilton takes a step back from advertising on AI-powered platform X following recent controversies, despite an earlier partnership announcement with the celebrity socialite.
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Due to a series of contentious events, including Elon Musk’s affiliation with an antisemitic conspiracy and reports of major brands’ ads appearing alongside pro-Nazi content, X has witnessed a decline in ad revenue, losing campaigns from influential companies such as Apple, Disney, and now Paris Hilton’s media company.

X CEO Linda Yaccarino had recently declared a collaboration with Hilton, indicating that her company 11:11 would introduce various new media initiatives on the AI-powered platform previously recognized as Twitter.

“The queen of pop culture, music, business, and TV is #Sliving on X,” Yaccarino enthusiastically expressed on October 2. “@ParisHilton welcome to the @X family, we’re excited to launch an official partnership with you and your next-gen media company 11:11. Together we’re going to create a launchpad for new initiatives in video and live video, live commerce, Spaces, and so much more. Let’s do this!!”

However, Bruce Gersh, president and COO of 11:11 Media, has revealed that their company is pausing its ads on X due to the platform’s ongoing controversies.

Although Hilton’s company has halted its ad campaigns, the status of her recently publicized two-year agreement with X remains uncertain.

The collaboration with Hilton had been a crucial move for X and its CEO Linda Yaccarino, as Musk specifically appointed her to regain advertisers’ confidence following the decline in ad revenue post his acquisition of the company last year.

Yaccarino’s announcement of the Hilton partnership came amidst a turbulent period for the company, with ongoing challenges highlighted during her appearance at Vox Media’s Code 2023 tech conference. At the event, Yaccarino acknowledged X’s loss of millions of daily active users and contended that most top advertisers were returning, a statement challenged by Musk earlier, who attributed X’s 60 percent drop in ad revenue to the ADL (Anti-Defamation League).

Notably, Hilton’s 11:11 Media joins a growing list of advertisers pausing ad campaigns on X. Additionally, X has taken legal action against Media Matters, a media watchdog responsible for disclosing advertisements from brands like Comcast placed alongside pro-Nazi content.

Despite ongoing efforts to maintain advertiser confidence, prominent companies including Sony, Fox Sports, and Ubisoft have paused their ad campaigns after NBC News revealed their ads appearing alongside antisemitic pages and search results on X.

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