Understanding yourself is key to success, as Shakespeare and Aristotle knew (“To thine own self be true” and “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” were the original inspiration). So, what does it mean to be the most authentic, best version of yourself? Dr. Josh Axe, a natural medicine doctor and clinical nutritionist, explains, “Your best self is where you experience the highest level of growth in your character, operate in your unique gifts and skills, and use those things to impact the world around you positively.” Studies have shown that identifying with your true self leads to a stronger sense of well-being and purpose.

While the concept is straightforward, many mental barriers prevent us from realizing our potential and becoming our best selves. The good news is that you can overcome these obstacles with mental shifts, or “mindshifts,” as Dr. Axe calls them, to elevate your thinking and live authentically. Whether you aim to improve your physical, mental, or financial health, enhance relationships, or advance your career, changing your mindset can provide the boost you need to reshape your beliefs and transform your life.

You have limiting beliefs, rather than “unlimiting” beliefs.

Your beliefs, shaped by various factors, play a significant role in your actions and decisions. Limiting beliefs can hinder your growth and potential. Dr. Axe emphasizes that challenging these beliefs is essential to becoming the person you are meant to be. By shifting from limited to unlimited thinking, you can overcome negative beliefs with affirmations, journaling, or visualization.

You define success as accomplishing instead of becoming.

Focusing solely on achievements and possessions may lead to a limited view of success. True success lies in personal growth and character development. Embrace a mindset of “becoming” by fostering good character, nurturing relationships, and focusing on personal growth rather than just accomplishments.

You don’t practice enough mindfulness.

Being mindful of your actions and thoughts can help you uncover your potential and purpose. Self-awareness allows you to identify areas for improvement and align your actions with your future goals. Incorporate mindfulness practices like pausing, reflection, movement, and gratitude to enhance self-awareness and personal growth.

You’re not connected to a “why.”

Discovering your purpose and passions can give your life meaning and direction. Connect with your inner motivations and strengths to live a purposeful life. Understanding your “why” can guide your lifestyle choices and lead you toward your best self.


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