Attention Snapchat+ fans! Exciting news! The platform has introduced a groundbreaking feature: personalized generative AI images. For just $3.99 per month, users gain access to this exclusive feature on Snapchat+ (already boasting over 7 million users).

This innovative tool enables users to create unique images by simply providing a prompt. As if that’s not enough, the feature comes with pre-loaded prompts such as “a planet crafted from cheese” and “a cave adorned with emerald formations.”

But wait, there’s more! Snapchat has been delving into AI advancements. First came the AI selfie generator, “Dreams,” allowing users to transform their selfies into imaginative renditions like mermaids and elves. Following this, the platform introduced the chatbot “My AI” for user engagement. The latest update allows subscribers to incorporate friends in their Dream selfies, resulting in group shots featuring multiple mermaids and elves! Moreover, there’s now an “AI powered extend tool” enabling users to expand the background of zoomed-in photos. These updates underscore Snapchat’s dedication to integrating AI into its platform.

According to Snapchat’s announcement, the new features are gradually being rolled out, but their availability may vary by region.

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