You may not realize how quickly your living space can get dirty until you spend more time at home. Especially during a long, cold winter, tasks like doing dishes, washing laundry, and keeping things clean can quickly accumulate. With warmer weather approaching, it’s time to tackle some spring cleaning tasks.

While keeping up with daily cleaning tasks is important, spring cleaning involves tackling extra projects that go beyond your regular routine. This checklist covers all the tasks you should consider during your spring cleaning to freshen up your living space.

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a thorough cleaning done at the beginning of the season to refresh your home. It involves tasks like wiping down baseboards, decluttering closets, and embracing the vibrant energy of spring. Cleaning your home room by room is an effective way to usher in the new season.

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

As you embark on your spring cleaning journey, here are some areas that deserve extra attention:

The Everygirl’s Spring Cleaning Checklist printable


1. Appliances

Aside from regular cleaning, don’t forget to give appliances like dishwashers and washing machines a thorough cleaning to ensure optimal performance.

For washing machines, occasional cleaning is essential to remove built-up residues.

2. Baseboards

Even if you regularly clean your floors, baseboards tend to collect dust over time. Vacuum them and wipe with a damp cloth for a quick refresh.

3. Air Filters

Maintain clean air filters to combat indoor allergies. Replace disposable filters and clean washable ones regularly.

4. Shelves

Clean shelves by removing items, using appropriate cleaners, and wiping them down before rearranging your belongings.

5. Underneath Furniture

Don’t forget to vacuum under heavy furniture pieces to eliminate dust buildup in those often neglected areas.

6. Rugs

Give rugs in high-traffic areas a deep clean. Machine-washable rugs can be laundered, while larger rugs may require specific cleaning methods.

7. Pillows

Machine-wash pillows according to the care instructions to keep them fresh and clean.

8. Garbage Cans

Clean your garbage cans regularly to prevent unpleasant odors and maintain cleanliness.

9. Shower Curtains

Wash shower curtains and liners monthly to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

10. Ceiling Fans and Window Coverings

Regularly dust ceiling fans and window blinds to keep them free of dust and allergens.

11. Floors

Deep clean your floors using appropriate cleaning products for your floor type.

12. Refrigerator

Regularly clean and organize your refrigerator to maintain freshness and cleanliness.

13. Under the Sink

Clean the area beneath your sink, ensuring it is free of spills and mess. Don’t forget to clean the garbage disposal.

14. On Top of Woodwork and Wall Decor

Dust the tops of woodwork, mirrors, and frames to remove accumulated dust and maintain a clean environment.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips to make your spring cleaning process more manageable:

1. Create a schedule

Divide your cleaning tasks over several days or weeks to prevent overwhelm. Schedule specific cleaning sessions for each area of your home.

3. Use scrubber brushes for hard-to-reach areas

Invest in scrubber brushes with extenders to reach inaccessible spots and make cleaning easier.

4. Open the windows and doors for ventilation

Allow fresh air to circulate by opening windows and doors during cleaning to improve air quality and ventilation.

5. Always work from top to bottom

Start cleaning from higher surfaces and work downwards to prevent re-cleaning areas due to falling dust.

6. Play your favorite music

Make cleaning more enjoyable by listening to music and creating a pleasant atmosphere while you work.


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