Instagram has rolled out a new feature allowing users to share their Reels and posts solely with their Close Friends. The move, announced by the Meta-owned social media platform on Tuesday, introduces a tool that will personalize and segment users’ feeds. Posts designated for this limited audience will be identifiable by a green star icon, associated with the existing Close Friends feature.

This Close Friends tool has been a hit among Instagram users, as it offers a safe space away from the pressures of wider social media interaction. Users can share Stories and Notes exclusively with a select group from their larger follower base. Notably, Close Friends can also see each other’s usernames if they engage with a shared post by liking, commenting, or reposting it.

With this update, users will now have increased control over the content they share with this select group. This latest addition almost replicates the concept of “finstas” – an alternate space for posting content not meant for the main public feed.

How to Use the Feature

Here is a simple guide on how to share Reels and posts exclusively with your Close Friends:

Step 1: Upload a post or Reel
Start by tapping the + button in the app’s bottom menu, choose ‘Post’ or ‘Reel’, customize as desired, and then tap ‘Next’.

Step 2: Tap “Audience”
Before sharing, click “Audience” (located under “Tag people”), and then select “Close Friends”.

Step 3: Share!
Once done, your post will only be visible to those on your Close Friends list and will be marked with a green star icon at the top right.


Meera Navlakha
Culture Reporter

Meera Navlakha is a Culture Reporter at Mashable, joining the UK team in 2021. She writes about digital culture, mental health, big tech, entertainment, and more. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Vice, Vogue India, and others.


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