If you come across the term “biohack” and immediately think of pumped-up gym enthusiasts obsessed with adding butter to their coffee, you’re not alone. These individuals have given biohacking a certain image that may not be very welcoming to women who simply want to enhance their overall health and wellness without drastically changing their lifestyles.

Thankfully, the landscape of biohacking has evolved significantly since the butter coffee trend, with more women joining the movement, including “the internet’s biohacking bestie,” Aggie Lal. Lal recently shared numerous biohacking tips on The Everygirl Podcast, aiming to make biohacking more inclusive and affordable for everyone looking to enhance their health without it consuming their lives. She emphasized that biohacking is not complicated and doesn’t have to break the bank. Here, we outline seven life-changing biohacks under $20 as recommended by Aggie Lal, proving that optimizing your health doesn’t need to be overwhelming or costly.

Try mouth-taping while you sleep

Mouth-taping has gained popularity online. Lal explained that mouth taping can promote deeper sleep by encouraging nasal breathing, leading to improved oxygen intake throughout the night. This practice offers various health benefits such as reduced inflammation, enhanced immunity, and increased energy levels. Mouth tape options are affordable, costing just a few dollars per pack.

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Increase your mineral intake

Lal highlighted that many people fail to meet their daily mineral requirements, often focusing solely on vitamins and supplements. Minerals play a crucial role in boosting energy levels. Lal suggested exploring mineral supplements that are cost-effective, and she advised being mindful of the quality of your coffee to prevent mineral depletion. Incorporating mineral-rich supplements can be a simple yet effective way to biohack your health.

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Sync your lifestyle to your reproductive cycle

Adopting cycle syncing as a lifestyle approach can significantly impact your health and well-being. By aligning your diet, exercise, sleep, and work routines with your menstrual cycle, you can experience positive changes. This practice allows you to leverage the different phases of your cycle to optimize your energy levels and overall health.

Manage your light exposure before bed

Lal suggested controlling your light exposure before bedtime to regulate your circadian rhythm, leading to improved sleep quality. Minimizing artificial light in the evenings can positively influence your internal body clock. By dimming or shutting off lights earlier in the evening, you can align with your body’s natural rhythm and potentially save on electricity costs.

Let your digestive system rest between meals

Practicing intermittent fasting can be a straightforward biohack to enhance your digestion. Lal recommended allowing a three-hour gap between meals and aiming for a 12-hour fasting period overnight to provide your digestive system with ample rest. Tailoring your fasting schedule to your menstrual cycle can further optimize nutrient intake and support your body’s needs.

Stabilize your glucose levels with apple cider vinegar

Maintaining stable glucose levels is essential for sustaining energy levels throughout the day. Lal suggested consuming apple cider vinegar before meals high in carbohydrates or sugars to help stabilize glucose levels and potentially mitigate conditions like PCOS. This simple addition to your routine can positively impact your overall health.

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Incorporate high-intensity workouts

While slower workouts may suit some individuals, Lal recommended integrating high-intensity workouts to push your body physically. She advised aligning intense exercises with specific phases of your menstrual cycle and listening to your body’s cues to prevent overexertion. Learning to understand your body’s needs and adjusting your workout regimen accordingly can be a valuable biohacking strategy.


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