Trader Joe’s is well-known for its beloved wine selection, but their range of alcohol-free beverages is equally impressive. Especially during Dry January, it’s essential to have a variety of delicious juices, sparkling waters, teas, and mocktail ingredients on hand. These non-alcoholic options are perfect for anyone looking to reduce their alcohol intake, exploring sobriety, or abstaining from alcohol altogether. Stocking up on these Trader Joe’s drinks is a great idea not only for Dry January but for year-round enjoyment. With seasonal options rotating regularly, each visit to the store offers the chance to discover new and exciting non-alcoholic choices. For an added touch of enjoyment, consider serving these alcohol-free drinks in stylish glasses or adding frozen fruits as garnishes. You won’t even miss going to the bar!

1. French Market Sparkling Berry Lemonade

This sparkling lemonade offers a fruity and bubbly alternative to champagne. Light and effervescent, it features just the right amount of strawberry flavor without being overly sweet. If berry isn’t your preferred flavor, Trader Joe’s also offers sparkling plain lemonade, pink lemonade, and limeade. For the full sparkling wine experience, consider serving it in a flute or coupe glass.

2. Triple Ginger Brew

For those who enjoy spicy beverages, Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Brew is a great choice. With a strong ginger kick, the drink is balanced by the sweetness of cane sugar and honey.

3. Sparkling Elderberry + Pomegranate Apple Cider Vinegar Beverage

Don’t be put off by the apple cider vinegar addition – these canned beverages are delightful even for those not fond of its strong taste. Available in various flavors like Elderberry + Pomegranate, Lemon + Strawberry, and Ginger + Lemon, there’s something for every palate.

4. Lemon Elderflower Soda

This lemony sparkling soda with a hint of elderflower is perfect for spritz enthusiasts. Pair it with a lemon slice or mint for a touch of elegance.

5. Tangerine Probiotic Sparkling Beverage

Fans of gut-friendly sodas will enjoy Trader Joe’s probiotic sparkling drinks, available in refreshing flavors like Tangerine and Ginger + Lemon.

6. Cold Pressed Pineapple Juice

Trader Joe’s cold-pressed pineapple juice is not only a popular mixer but also delicious on its own. Enjoy it straight from the bottle or mix it with sparkling water for a tropical mocktail.

7. Sparkling Pomegranate Punch Beverage

This sparkling pomegranate punch not only looks appealing but also tastes delightful with its bubbly blend of pomegranate, pineapple, orange, and apple flavors.

8. To the Power of Seven Purple Organic Juice Blend

This complex fruit juice blend combines cherry, pomegranate, mulberry, grape, cranberry, blueberry, and purple carrot for a tasteful and unique experience.

9. Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water

For a refreshing choice, try Trader Joe’s Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water, perfect for a guilt-free and flavorful hydration option.

10. Sparkling Strawberry Juice Beverage

This sparkling strawberry juice is a delightful drink that strikes the right balance between indulgence and sweetness. It’s a must-try among Trader Joe’s beverage offerings.


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