Being a fan of ClassPass, I always seek variety in my workouts to stay motivated. From pilates to bootcamp and spinning to lifting, I’ve tried them all. Yet, one form of exercise I hadn’t explored was pole dancing. So, for three weeks, I immersed myself in beginner pole dancing classes, documenting my progress and witnessing both significant arm strength gains and a surge in confidence.

What Prompted Me to Try Pole Fitness Classes?

My venture into pole fitness began at Denver Pride, where a local pole studio set up shop inviting passersby to experience spinning on the pole. Trying a “ballerina spin” under guidance sparked my interest. The experience was unexpectedly challenging and incredibly enjoyable. Intrigued, I immediately signed up for a beginner class.

More than just a physical challenge, I was drawn to the concept of a “sexy workout” for a specific reason. As a 22-year-old, owning my sexuality in a world rife with societal pressures to conform to certain standards can be daunting. Pole dancing offered a unique blend of sensuality and fitness, where I hoped to reclaim my sexuality for myself, free from external expectations.

Initial Impressions

Prior to my first pole class, I felt a mix of nerves and excitement. Thankfully, the introductory class catered specifically to beginners, putting me at ease among fellow novices. The sessions began with standard upper-body warm-ups, pole maneuver basics, and an exhilarating free dance finale. Over the following weeks, the classes maintained a similar structure, offering a mix of conditioning, spins, and dance routines.

The Physical Benefits of Pole Fitness

Pole dancing is a fantastic workout for the shoulders and back, requiring considerable upper body strength and core engagement. The constant relevé stance challenges balance and posture, while fostering flexibility. The activity not only strengthens muscles but also promotes grace and poise.

Impact on Confidence and Self-Perception

Throughout my pole dancing journey, I faced moments of self-consciousness and vulnerability. However, the experience was immensely enjoyable and empowering. Dancing freely, mastering new skills, and being part of a supportive community elevated my confidence. Recording dance sessions not only tracked my progress but also made me feel attractive and confident in my skin.

Embracing a “sexy workout” like pole dancing pushed me to embrace a creative and empowered version of myself. The blend of physical and sensual elements created a liberating experience that I highly recommend to all.


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