SAVE 51%: Get the Amazon Echo Show 8 bundled with an Amazon Basics smart color bulb for just $69.99, down from the regular price of $142.98. That’s a substantial saving of $72.99 and $12.99 less than purchasing the items separately.

If you’ve ever wished to check a recipe online without using your phone or wanted to keep an eye on your pet while away from home, your household may benefit from a dedicated smart device. The Amazon Echo Show 8 offers an effective solution for simplifying your smart home while also upgrading your home’s lighting in one go.

As of October 24, the Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) is offered in a bundle with an Amazon Basics smart color bulb for just $69.99 at Amazon. This excellent deal saves you $72.99 on the combined items and is $12.99 cheaper than buying them separately.

The Echo Show 8 is more than just a device; it’s a versatile home assistant for anyone. Whether you place it in the kitchen to display recipes or on your entryway table for quick access to time, weather, and calendar information, this device offers a range of functionalities. Its built-in camera allows you to check on your pet and make calls, and you can even stream your favorite shows or set up a dance party with Amazon Music Unlimited. The Echo Show 8 truly shines as a multi-functional smart home tool.

Your dance party can be taken to the next level with customized lighting because the Echo Show 8 comes with an Amazon Basics smart color bulb. This dimmable LED light bulb offers 16 color options to set the perfect vibe. You can control the smart bulb using the Alexa app, allowing you to turn on the lights from anywhere and illuminate your entryway before arriving home.

Upgrade your home with a versatile smart home device and custom lighting, all through the Amazon Echo Show 8 bundled with an Amazon Basics smart color bulb for just $69.99.

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