I want to challenge the notion that success and money are not connected. In reality, they often go hand in hand, and having financial stability while excelling in your career is a significant advantage. While money isn’t everything, having a solid financial foundation can provide security and empower you to achieve your goals.

While everyone’s financial journey is unique, there are fundamental financial habits that successful women tend to follow. I recently spoke with three financially savvy women and uncovered some common practices that set them apart.

If you’re striving to enhance your financial situation and advance in your career, you’re in the right place. These insights can help you navigate the realm of personal finance and empower you to become the woman you aspire to be. Read on to discover the financial habits that successful women embody.

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Nicole Lapin
Financial Expert, Author, Founder of Money News Network
With her influential podcasts and bestselling books, Lapin empowers individuals to enhance their financial literacy and independence. She is recognized for her contributions to personal finance and business, earning a spot on the Create & Cultivate 100 List in 2023.
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Dr. Robyn McKay
Psychologist, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker
McKay, an esteemed psychologist, is known for her innovative coaching style and advisory role to top-tier executives and performers. She combines psychology and coaching to guide individuals towards success.
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Courtney Alev
Associate Director of Product Management, Consumer Financial Advocate at Credit Karma
Alev is dedicated to empowering consumers to manage their finances wisely and make informed decisions. Her focus on financial wellness aims to help individuals improve their financial habits.

1. Prioritizing an Emergency Fund

Successful women value independence and understand the importance of financial security. Having a robust emergency fund is a non-negotiable for them. Saving at least six months’ worth of living expenses is a standard practice to weather any financial storm.

Successful women are willing to make sacrifices and adjustments to their spending to ensure they have a financial safety net.

2. Strategic Saving and Spending

Successful women view money as a tool and use it wisely. They prioritize saving by reassessing expenses and making conscious choices such as meal prepping instead of dining out. By making small adjustments, they save more and allocate their money towards meaningful ventures.

While they do spend, they do so thoughtfully, investing in experiences that bring them joy and avoiding impulsive purchases.

3. Facing Financial Realities

Successful women do not shy away from managing their finances. They understand that confronting financial challenges head-on is crucial for financial well-being. Regularly reviewing finances provides valuable insights and helps in making informed decisions.

By acknowledging their financial situation without fear, they empower themselves to take control and make necessary adjustments.

4. Passive Wealth Growth

Successful women leverage various avenues to grow their wealth passively. They strategically invest in high-yield savings accounts, long-term investments, and retirement portfolios. By harnessing the power of compound interest, they allow their money to work for them and generate substantial returns.

5. Maximizing Credit Cards

Despite the stigma surrounding credit cards, successful women understand their benefits when used responsibly. They prioritize timely payments, maintain low credit utilization, and choose cards that align with their lifestyle. Whether accruing travel rewards or cash back, they use credit cards as a financial tool for their advantage.

6. Rewarding Themselves

Contrary to popular belief, successful women know how to celebrate their achievements without compromising their financial stability. By setting and reaching goals, they allow themselves well-deserved rewards. These indulgences range from simple pleasures to occasional luxuries, all while staying within their budget.

7. Embracing Financial Flow

Successful women acknowledge the ebb and flow of finances. Instead of fixating on money leaving their accounts, they trust in the cycle of abundance. This mindset enables them to make sound financial decisions, unburdened by financial anxiety.

By embracing the flow of money and adopting a healthy relationship with finances, successful women can navigate financial challenges with confidence, secure their future, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


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