Revolutionizing the music space, TikTok’s collaboration with Ticketmaster has brought a significant change. Introduced in the U.S. in Aug. 2022, this partnership allowed TikTok users to effortlessly purchase concert tickets directly through the app.

By Dec. 2023, this feature expanded to 20 new markets, including the UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and Sweden, offering users the opportunity to buy tickets directly from select performers’ accounts on TikTok.

TikTok has reported successful utilization of this feature by both established and emerging artists, comedians, and sports teams, with names like Niall Horan, The Kooks, Burna Boy, and Shania Twain. Several other prominent names including Demi Lovato, One Republic, Usher, the Backstreet Boys, and WWE have also embraced this feature.

Despite facing criticism for long queues for sold-out tickets and an unregulated reselling system, Ticketmaster’s influence in the live music industry persists, exemplified by the global reach of TikTok x Ticketmaster.

If you’re eager to secure tickets for an upcoming show, here’s a guide on how to purchase tickets directly from your FYP (For You Page).

Purchasing Tickets on TikTok: A Quick How-To Guide

Total Time

  • 2-3 minutes.
What You Need

  • TikTok app.

Step 1:
Locate the Ticketmaster link on the artists’ accounts.

Any TikTok Certified Artist can use the feature to promote their events. Follow your favorite artists to ensure you don’t miss it: the link will appear with a blue Ticketmaster logo on the left side of a TikTok post, reading: “Get tickets for [said artist]”.

Step 2:
Click the Ticketmaster link.

You’ll be redirected to the Ticketmaster page from here.

Step 3:
Complete your ticket purchase.

The button will take you directly to the Ticketmaster artist page, enabling you to buy your ticket hassle-free.


Meera Navlakha
Culture Reporter

Meera is a Culture Reporter at Mashable, joining the UK team in 2021. She writes about digital culture, mental health, big tech, entertainment, and more. Her work has also been published in The New York Times, Vice, Vogue India, and others.


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