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Have you noticed a change in ChatGPT’s behavior lately? If so, you’re not alone. OpenAI has officially confirmed that many users have observed a decrease in ChatGPT’s responsiveness.

The good news is that OpenAI is already taking measures to address this. In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), the ChatGPT account acknowledged the issue, stating, “we’ve heard all your feedback about GPT4 getting lazier! We haven’t updated the model since Nov 11th, and this certainly isn’t intentional. Model behavior can be unpredictable, and we’re looking into fixing it.”

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OpenAI hasn’t disclosed specific details regarding the cause of the underperformance. Responding to a request for clarification, the ChatGPT account mentioned a potential association with the Nov. 11 upgrade. “Differences in model behavior can be subtle—only a subset of prompts may be affected, and it may take a while for customers and employees to notice and rectify these patterns,” the post explained.

This isn’t the first time that users have expressed concerns about ChatGPT’s declining performance. Reports of ChatGPT appearing “sluggish” or less intelligent date back at least six months.

Last July, OpenAI dismissed claims that ChatGPT seemed “less intelligent,” suggesting instead that users perceived it this way due to frequent usage. Nonetheless, speculations persist, with some theorizing that OpenAI may be limiting bandwidth per user, offering condensed answers to navigate high-traffic obstacles.

Perhaps ChatGPT simply needs a vacation.

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