Remember the days when reading reviews of Bumble’s BFF mode felt like a distant dream, and now as a young adult in a big city, making new friends seems daunting? Well, fear not, as Bumble BFF has evolved with the launch of its new app, Bumble For Friends, on July 26th.

Bumble For Friends offers a fresh approach to expanding friendship circles outside the realms of the Bumble dating app. If you’re committed and not keen on diving into a dating app, this one’s for you. The latest Bumble For Friends app comes with exciting features, giving it a whole new feel compared to the original version. So, how does the new Bumble For Friends app fare? Let’s delve into what to expect from the revamped app, including its new group meetup feature and tips on optimizing your profile.

Why Opt for Online Friend-Making?

For those who grew up on the internet, the concept of forging friendships through social media or dedicated apps may not seem intimidating. However, not everyone shares this sentiment, whether due to concerns about online exposure or authenticity. So, why venture into a new app solely for making friends?

Recent years have witnessed a significant shift in online interactions. The pandemic and remote work necessitated adapting to online friendships, blurring the lines between virtual and in-person connections. With this evolving landscape, the stigma around online friendships has diminished. Bumble notes that those working remotely may have missed out on office friendships, and relocators might be seeking new local connections.

Having an app solely dedicated to friendships, such as Bumble For Friends, is a response to the prevalent loneliness epidemic. Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble’s founder, emphasizes the importance of self-love and friendships amidst rising feelings of isolation. Access to a community actively seeking genuine platonic bonds is invaluable. Whether combating loneliness, navigating a new life phase, or honing your friend-making skills, Bumble For Friends can kickstart meaningful friendships.

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Optimizing Your Profile for Success

If you’ve ever struggled with creating a dating app profile, fretting over catering to a male audience, crafting your Bumble For Friends profile will be a breath of fresh air. Building a profile for friend connections involves showcasing your interests through pictures of your hobbies and personality. Transitioning from BFF mode in the regular Bumble app is seamless, requiring minimal profile adjustments.

Similar to dating profiles, the Bumble For Friends profile allows you to highlight up to five interests, specify what you seek in friendships, and share personal details like beliefs and hobbies. You can also respond to prompts, such as your ideal night out or favorite TV show. Unlike dating profiles, the Bumble For Friends Profile includes a section to indicate your relationship status. Feeling overwhelmed? Here are some tips for setting up your profile effectively:

  • Include photos with friends and during social activities. Unlike the solo-centric norm on dating apps, displaying images with friends can depict your social lifestyle to potential matches.
  • Use conversation-starting prompts. Engage with others by sharing prompts that reflect your interests, fostering meaningful conversations. For instance, the “ideal night out” prompt can spark discussions with like-minded friends.
  • Provide detailed information about yourself. While selecting top interests can be challenging, sharing extensive details can attract individuals genuinely interested in connecting with you.

phone mockups of app in use

Harnessing the Group Meetup Feature

Though I cherish intimate conversations, group dynamics hold a special appeal, enhancing shared experiences. Whether it’s exploring farmers’ markets, beach outings, attending live shows, or hosting gatherings, having a solid squad elevates the fun quotient.

The new Bumble For Friends introduces a group meetup feature, simplifying group planning and communication. Users can create group meetups and invite at least two matches for in-person activities. Bumble explains that any group member can propose an activity, and upon acceptance, members engage in a group chat to discuss the event details.

Within the app, navigating to the “chat” tab unveils the “Get a group together” option, allowing users to select from preset meetup ideas or propose custom activities. Users can describe the activity details, invite multiple matches to the group chat, and enjoy the perks of collective planning. This feature combines the charm of Bumble BFF with the flexibility to broaden your social circle by inviting more friends to events. It prompts the question, why not utilize the internet earlier to form your intramural pickleball team?

Maximizing Your Bumble For Friends Experience

Whether you’ve relocated to a new city and crave local guidance, are a new parent seeking camaraderie, or simply desire to expand your social network, Bumble For Friends proves to be a valuable platform. Similar to dating apps, embarking on initial “friend dates” may lead to enduring, meaningful friendships, underscoring the significance of connecting with others. Why not start envisioning your next girls’ night theme now?


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