TikTok is captivated by a breakup slideshow.
Credit: Screenshots: TikTok / @things.i.cant.sen

If the phrase “I peeled my orange today” on TikTok has left you perplexed or in tears, you’re not the only one. This curious trend has swept through the platform, leaving many pondering its origin and significance. Questions like “Huh?” and “Why is peeling an orange sad?” started to crop up. After some investigation, the answer surfaced: People are referencing a TikTok slideshow that narrates a (very likely fictional) heartbreak story.

The particular TikTok, shared by @things.i.cant.sen, has gathered over 6 million views. It unfolds the tale of a breakup involving two individuals, Charlotte and Em. The emotional journey of young love, encompassing thoughts about heading to college, and the essence of recognizing a soulmate is presented in a stunning manner.

Within the dialogue, Charlotte expresses missing the way Em used to peel oranges for her, contrasting her own mess while attempting the task herself. The culminating text from Charlotte to Em states “I peeled my orange today.” Notably, the text changes color from blue to green.

screenshots of TikTok slideshow about a breakup
The pivotal moment.
Credit: Screenshots: TikTok / @things.i.cant.sen

So, that’s the story. TikTok is abuzz about this narrative and its concluding message, indicating Charlotte’s progression from the breakup and a possible indication of Em blocking Charlotte due to the green text.

Could this be an authentic text exchange? Perhaps. It’s certainly meant to be perceived that way. There’s even a censored name in one of the texts, seemingly for privacy. However, given the context of the web and the account, @things.i.cant.sen, which frequently shares poetry and “conversations” between couples, the authenticity is somewhat uncertain. Moreover, the conversation itself leans towards being excessively sentimental and expositional, resembling how someone might script a text exchange rather than how it would genuinely occur.


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Nevertheless, TikTok has latched onto it. Several users have shared emotional reactions on TikTok, most involving pained expressions or crying alongside the phrase “I peeled my orange today.” Others have expressed bewilderment regarding the TikTok’s association with orange peeling.

Given the prevalence of young users on TikTok, it’s unsurprising that this slideshow has gone viral. Young love embodies intense emotions, making a breakup narrative a compelling theme on the platform. If the slideshow is indeed fictional, it fits the sentimental material often found in TikToks or Tumblr posts—crafted to evoke a strong emotional response.

That said, the “I peeled my orange today” detail adds a charming layer to the story. Love is often encapsulated in the small gestures, lingering in one’s memory. It’s no wonder TikTok has resonated with this ending. So, if you encounter someone emotionally affected by peeled oranges, now you understand why.

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