If I had the choice, I would exclusively shop at Trader Joe’s for groceries. However, due to my recent relocation, the nearest Trader Joe’s is now a lengthy 30-minute drive away, which isn’t very convenient for quick errands where I just need a few essentials. Besides, popping into Trader Joe’s always leads me to spend over $100 on random items I end up not needing. To save time and money, I’ve turned to shopping at the nearby Aldi lately. Throughout my weekly visits to Aldi over the past few months, I’ve come to realize that Aldi and Trader Joe’s share many similarities. Surprisingly, I’ve found Aldi products that are just as good, if not better than my beloved Trader Joe’s items, at times even costing less.

If you live far from a Trader Joe’s or simply want to explore new items on your next shopping trip, here are some Aldi products that I enjoy, rivaling those at Trader Joe’s.

1. Mandarin Orange Chicken

Trader Joe’s renowned Mandarin Orange Chicken, labeled as the “Favorite Overall” in TJ’s Product Hall of Fame, did not meet my expectations upon tasting it for the first time. The dark-meat chicken used in it, often greasy and tough, failed to impress me. However, Aldi’s version surprised me with its use of white-meat chicken, providing deliciously crispy chunks coated in tangy sauce that tastes authentic to your favorite Chinese restaurant. Paired with rice and veggies, it’s a swift dinner choice with takeout-level flavors.

2. Tomato & Basil Chicken Sausage

Cooking raw chicken has never been my favorite task due to its sliminess. So, when preparing meals, I opt for shortcuts whenever possible. While I used to rely on Trader Joe’s Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Sausage for protein in pasta dishes, the absence of this product in stores led me to discover Aldi’s Tomato & Basil Chicken Sausage. This alternative with basil adds a unique flavor, making it even more appealing than Trader Joe’s version.

3. Street Corn Dip

If you’re a fan of Trader Joe’s Everything and the Elote dip, Aldi’s Street Corn Dip will surely delight you. Made with fire-roasted corn, cilantro, red chili spices, cotija cheese, and other Mexican-inspired ingredients, this dip is a perfect match for tortilla chips, bell peppers, or carrot sticks. Compared to Trader Joe’s, it has a creamier texture and a milder smoky taste, ideal for gatherings with its larger portion.

4. Dried Philippine Mango

For a quick and nutritious snack, dried mango is a pantry staple for me. While Trader Joe’s used to be my go-to for this treat, Aldi’s version has won me over. Aldi’s sweeter dried mango with a chewable texture provides a delightful snack when craving something sweet.

5. Everything Sourdough Bread

Though Trader Joe’s excels in many areas, their bread selection isn’t my favorite. However, Aldi’s Everything Bagel-inspired sourdough bread has become a must-buy for me. This bread mirrors a classic everything bagel with an added sourdough tang. I enjoy toasting a slice until crispy edges form and then spreading whipped cream cheese on top for a breakfast I could indulge in multiple times a week.

6. Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe

Trader Joe’s Cacio e Pepe has been a freezer staple for me since discovering it. A bag of this pasta on standby ensures effortless dinners on busy nights. Now that Aldi has its own version, stocking up on this favorite dish will be even more convenient.

7. Pesto Rosso

Having initially fallen for Trader Joe’s Pesto Rosso, I was thrilled to find a similar item at Aldi. This tomato-based pesto enhances pasta dishes or pairs well with gnocchi and roasted veggies. Aldi’s version stands out as an affordable and equally delicious alternative.

8. Aged Reserved New York White Cheddar

Trader Joe’s was my go-to for unique cheeses for charcuterie boards, but Aldi’s cheese selection rivals that of Trader Joe’s. Their smoked gouda and truffle goat cheese are personal favorites, while the aged white cheddar is a trusted everyday choice in my fridge.

9. Everything Bagel Seasoning

Being an everything bagel enthusiast, I always have Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Sesame seasoning in my pantry. However, I recently discovered that Aldi offers its version, eliminating the need for a trip to Trader Joe’s when I run out.

10. Intermingle California Red Wine

While Trader Joe’s wine section holds a special place in my heart, Aldi’s wine selection has introduced me to a delightful budget-friendly California Red Wine. With its fruity, jammy, and smooth flavor, priced under $7 a bottle, it’s an ideal choice for spontaneous wine nights or cozy dinners at home.


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