It’s not like human writers need jobs or anything.
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Prepare for the integration of Generative AI into gaming, as Nvidia announced its collaboration with the AI company Convai at CES 2024. The collaboration aims to develop Generative AI-driven non-player characters (NPCs) for a wide array of video games.

Convai’s technology claims to enable NPCs to interact with players and their surroundings autonomously, eliminating the necessity for human scripting, courtesy of Generative AI. As per Convai, their AI represents “the future of interactive gaming.”

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According to Nvidia and Convai, these AI-powered characters can execute “complex instructions, demonstrate emotional awareness, and engage in natural interactions.” These are typically tasks handled by human programmers and writers.

Hence, while enthusiasts of AI may welcome this advancement, the delegation of NPC responsibilities to AI algorithms could jeopardize the employment opportunities of programmers and writers. Additionally, considering the inherent “hallucination” risk associated with most AI technologies, AI-driven NPCs could exhibit unpredictable behavior, making them markedly non-human.

We await the impact as the era of AI-driven NPCs swiftly approaches the gaming console near you.

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