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If there’s one thing I dislike more than confrontation, it’s dealing with financial matters. Conversations about salaries, wages, or budgets make me want to hide. However, avoiding these discussions is not the answer, especially for women. That’s why, in this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast, we sit down with Jennifer Justice, former entertainment lawyer for Jay-Z and Beyoncé and founder of The Justice Dept.

Jennifer has dedicated herself to supporting underpaid and overworked women in male-dominated industries. She provides valuable insights on strategies for negotiating salaries. Why is it important to negotiate our salaries? Let’s explore Jennifer’s perspective and dive into this week’s podcast episode for more details.

Reasons to Negotiate Your Salary

Enhancing your value as an asset to the company

Landing a new role is a significant accomplishment. It’s probable that the company has evaluated numerous candidates before selecting you. According to Jennifer, negotiating your salary is crucial because once the company chooses you, they are committed to finalizing the deal. Jennifer highlighted on The Everygirl Podcast, “The hiring process is time-consuming and demanding. If you don’t advocate for yourself, will you advocate for the company?”

Tackling the wage gap through negotiation

Did you know that women are still two centuries away from closing the wage gap? While structural discrimination plays a substantial role in this inequality, Jennifer believes individual women can drive change by negotiating for higher salaries. She stressed, “We are not demanding what we deserve, and we are undervalued and underpaid.”

By pushing for better wages, you not only benefit yourself but also contribute to supporting other women, investing in female-owned businesses, and contributing to what Jennifer calls the matriarchal economy. Negotiating your salary is not just about personal financial gain; it’s a step towards narrowing the wage disparity.

Jennifer Justice’s Top Tips for Negotiating

Preferential negotiation via email

Jennifer recommends discussing potential offers over the phone with your employer but completing the negotiation process via email. This approach allows you to approach negotiations logically rather than emotionally.

Imagine negotiating for a loved one

Visualizing that you are negotiating on behalf of a cherished individual can assist you in advocating for yourself more effectively. “When someone tries to exploit you, they are essentially doing it to that special person you deeply care about,” said Jennifer. Keeping this in mind can help you understand your value during negotiations.

Request additional benefits, not just a salary bump

If a salary raise is not feasible, consider negotiating for other perks such as improved benefits or a revised job title. Jennifer explained, “Securing a better job title, even without a salary increase, can pave the way for future accomplishments.” Negotiation is about building a more promising future for yourself.


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