As someone who works in communications, I sometimes find it hard to communicate confidently. For instance, during a meeting last year that I led for a volunteer initiative, I struggled with anxiety. Despite my expertise in communication, I found it challenging to convey confidence in that situation.

Communication is a key aspect of any profession. We communicate through our actions, responses, and emotions. To understand how to communicate confidently and deal with anxiety in challenging moments, I sought advice from Women’s Leadership Coach Laura Weldy. Here are six expert strategies to help you communicate confidently and progress in your career.


Laura Weldy, Leadership Coach

Laura is a certified career and leadership coach known for assisting smart, ambitious women in transitioning from undervalued positions to confident leadership roles.

Expert Tips for Communicating With Confidence

How to Confidently Communicate When You’re Feeling Emotional

Emotions are common at work and can impact your communication. Anticipate emotional reactions and take a moment before meetings to calm yourself. Visualize past confident moments and use techniques like tapping to decrease anxiety. Be mindful of your physical reactions and plan accordingly to feel more at ease.

How to Confidently Communicate When You Feel Panic in the Moment

Develop a structured communication strategy to respond effectively in stressful situations. Prepare responses in advance to alleviate anxiety and ensure clear communication. Having your strategy written down can serve as a useful reference during moments of panic.

How to Confidently Communicate When You’re Afraid of Being Unprepared

To avoid feeling unprepared, plan ahead by creating agendas, anticipating key points, and understanding your personal brand. Reflect on how you want to be perceived and prepare accordingly. Enhancing your executive-level thinking skills enables you to actively contribute in meetings.

How to Confidently Communicate When You Fear Being Inauthentic

Develop a personal brand guide to communicate authentically and diminish concerns of sounding inauthentic. Having a strategy in place beforehand enhances confidence and clarity in your communication.

How to Confidently Communicate When Speaking in Front of Higher-Ups

Establish relationships with leaders in your organization to ease nerves when communicating with higher-ups. Building networks and establishing rapport within the company can boost your confidence in executive interactions. Remember that everyone wants you to succeed, reframing negative thoughts into positive expectations.

How to Confidently Communicate When You’re Hesitant to Share Opinions

Recognize the value of your voice and perspective, especially as you transition into leadership roles. Embrace your unique viewpoint and contribute confidently to discussions. These strategies can help you enhance your communication skills and build confidence in the workplace, supported by self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a strong personal brand.


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