Now that we are a few weeks into January, with resolutions penned and vision boards created, it’s time to take action on those goals. If you’re like me, your 2024 inspiration board is filled with images of beautiful beaches, glamorous city nights, and mountain getaways. However, just visualizing won’t cover the cost of your plane ticket. To ensure these trips move from the group chat to reality, careful planning is needed to secure the best flight deals. Here are some insider tips, including the optimal time to book flights based on your destination.

The Best Time to Book Flights in 2024

For Domestic Travel

For those who tend to procrastinate, listen closely. While the impulse to pack your bags spontaneously and catch the next flight to a breathtaking destination may be alluring, it is not financially wise. Planning ahead pays off, quite literally. According to Expedia research, the best time to book domestic flights is around 28 days before your trip. Data indicates that travelers who booked at this point saved up to 24% compared to last-minute bookings.

To maximize savings on flights, consider altering your trip planning approach. Typically, people decide on the destination first, then the dates, and lastly the flight. However, by being flexible with both the timing and location of your trip, you can base your vacation choices on the most affordable airfares. This approach benefits your wallet, allowing you to allocate more funds towards your actual vacation experience, rather than just the journey there.

For International Travel

For international trips, booking even further in advance is essential for securing the best prices. Generally, the optimal time to book international flights is at least 60 days prior to departure. However, booking more than four months ahead is cautioned against by Expedia experts, as the best deals and selection may not be available that early. By booking two months ahead, you strike a balance between planning your trip itinerary and preparing your travel essentials.

Moreover, the timing of your travel plans is crucial. If you envision savoring an aperol spritz in Italy over the summer or fulfilling your The Holiday fantasy with a Christmas adventure in London, consider traveling in May or January instead. Prices peak around popular travel periods such as mid-June to mid-August and during the Christmas and New Year’s season, so factor this into your itinerary.

Other Ways to Save Money on Travel in 2024

Discover more strategies to make your trip as budget-friendly as possible, from booking to boarding, so you can ensure you secured the best deal and have extra funds for your vacation experiences.

Book your flight on a Sunday

For those who adore a Sunday reset to prepare for the week ahead, here’s good news. Sunday is revealed as the cheapest day of the week to purchase plane tickets. If you’re planning an upcoming trip, slot booking your flight between your self-care routine and household tasks. Conversely, Friday is identified as the most expensive day to book flights, so resist the urge to make impulsive ticket purchases for that post-work weekend getaway.

Fly out on a Thursday

When it comes to travel dates, Thursdays are generally the least expensive day to journey, with travelers saving an average of 16% compared to Sunday travel, according to Expedia data. Additionally, consider opting for an early morning departure to minimize the risk of flight delays or cancellations. While early flights may not be everyone’s favorite, choosing them over late afternoon or evening flights reduces the chances of disruptions. Go to bed early on Wednesday, dream of your savings, and that early Thursday alarm won’t feel as harsh.

Track flight prices

Stay on top of potential savings by monitoring flight prices using platforms like Google Flights or Hopper. Google Flights allows you to track specific flights and set notifications for price drops. Similarly, Hopper, a comprehensive travel booking app, monitors flight prices, hotel rates, and car rentals in one place to ensure you secure the best available deals. Though unwanted spam emails are unfavorable, subscribing to airline mailing lists is another effective way to stay informed about flash sales or special deals.

Pack efficiently

Maximize potential savings beyond securing a great ticket deal by packing smartly. Avoid paying extra for checked bags—if possible, stick to carry-on luggage to dodge unnecessary fees and make navigating multiple destinations easier during your trip.


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