Tyla shares a step-by-step tutorial.
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Describing Tyla solely as the singer behind the TikTok “Water” dance trend doesn’t capture her full essence. I came across her music two years ago, well before her TikTok fame, when her 2021 hit “Getting Late” resonated deeply with me.

Her rise to prominence accelerated when she performed as the opening act for Chris Brown’s “Under the Influence” tour earlier this year. The TikTok trend started when concert attendees eagerly shared clips of Tyla performing “Water,” a captivating song released in July. According to Time, this track blends pop, R&B, Afrobeats, and amapiano.

Enthralling audiences with her rhythmic moves, Tyla danced with fluid grace, pouring water down her back while swaying to the beat. Subsequently, TikTok users embraced the challenge, creating hashtags like #TylaWaterChallenge or #WaterDanceChallenge. These hashtags collectively accrued nearly 500 million views, as reported by Time.

Mastering Tyla’s Viral TikTok “Water” Dance Challenge

Mashable’s Digital Culture team has been no stranger to featuring tutorials for trending TikTok challenges, from the AI ’90s yearbook to moon phase compatibility. However, unlike those trends, Tyla’s “Water” dance challenge demands only one thing, as aptly mentioned by Mashable’s Digital Culture Editor Crystal Bell: a sense of rhythm.

During a visit to Capital, a UK radio station, Tyla graciously provided a step-by-step breakdown of her immensely popular “Water” dance.

First, Tyla advises starting with rhythmic waist movements, infusing them with a touch of flair.

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Second, she suggests raising both arms and mimicking a forehead wipe, as if you’ve just broken a sweat.

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Third, she advises hopping on your dominant foot with a South African dancer’s finesse.

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Finally, the highlight – shake your hips with abandon!

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Perfection isn’t the goal here. Countless TikTok users have gamely shared their attempts at the “Water” dance challenge, reveling in their lack of coordination and simply reveling in the fun. So, why not give it a try and showcase your unique style!


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