At the beginning of the year, my goal was to find a new job. Even though I was satisfied with my current position, I felt a sense of disconnection and wanted to transition my skills to a different industry. I set specific criteria: a remote tech job in content or editorial, a supportive team, creative freedom, all accompanied by a generous salary. It appeared to be a simple goal, right?

When I initially wrote down these aspirations in the “Goals” section of my planner, I found it amusing to have such bold wishes. The contrast from where I was at that moment was stark. I worried about achieving what seemed like an unrealistic target and started dreading my potential failure preemptively.

The universe responded to my worries the next day when a friend invited me to participate in a 21-day manifesting challenge led by Gabby Bernstein. Despite feeling hesitant about potential failure, I approached it with an open mind. The challenge introduced me to techniques and exercises that made manifesting feel not like a chore but an exciting journey toward my desires. Here are some key takeaways:

Clarify Your Desires

The challenge began with stressing the importance of clarity in manifestation. Though I had a general idea of what I wanted, formalizing it and creating a vision board helped cement my goals. I placed the board in my workspace and set it as my phone background for consistent reinforcement.

Visualize Your Goals

The next step focused on visualization. As someone who enjoys daydreaming, I found this practice quite appealing. Devoting time each day to imagine achieving my ideal role and experiencing the associated emotions was crucial. This mental exercise helps rewire the brain to recognize opportunities aligned with those feelings.

Release Control

One of the most challenging aspects was letting go of the need to micromanage the ‘how’. Instead of obsessing over the details, I shifted my focus towards positive affirmations. Having faith in the process and trusting the universe’s guidance, even in moments of uncertainty, played a significant role in my journey.

Act in Alignment

As the program continued, I also understood the importance of taking focused action. Balancing proactive steps towards my goals with a positive mindset was essential. By aligning my actions with optimistic expectations, I propelled myself forward without giving in to anxiety or self-doubt.

The Outcome

While my friend quickly achieved her manifestation of finding a home, my dream job didn’t manifest as swiftly. However, perseverance and sharing my aspirations led to a fortuitous connection that ultimately landed me the ideal role. Through clarity, visualization, and aligned action, I secured a position that surpassed my initial expectations, illustrating the potency of manifestation.


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