Often, men ponder the Roman Empire, while women reflect on the ebb and flow of cherished friendships. The end of a close friendship can sting just as much, if not more, than a breakup with a romantic partner.

Friendship breakups, though common, can be heart-wrenching. The bond and shared memories do not simply vanish when a friendship dissolves, leaving individuals fixated on their former best friends. The emotional aftermath of losing a dear friend can trigger feelings of mourning, embarrassment, and solitude.

Compared to romantic separations, there is less guidance available on navigating the aftermath of a friendship breakup. This dearth of support can make it tough for people to come to terms with their emotions and find solace post the end of a friendship.

Why do Women Dwell on their Ex-Best Friends?

The termination of a friendship challenges the assumption that friendships are forever, stirring up emotions of regret and shame. Many women grapple with the void left behind by a broken friendship and may lack the coping mechanisms needed to handle the complexities of such a loss.

Consider These 3 Questions before Attempting to Rekindle a Friendship

Reflect on the reasons that led to the breakup, your intentions in reviving the friendship, and your preparedness for a potential rebuff before reaching out to a former best friend. Assess whether rebuilding the friendship is worthwhile and if both parties are willing to confront past issues.

Moving Forward after Ending a Friendship

If closure is necessary, think about extending an apology to your former friend or seek counseling to process your feelings. Allow yourself the time to mourn the loss of the friendship and focus on self-care to aid in your healing process.


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